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Moroney Building Services

Rating: * * * * * (4 reviews)

Location: London

Joined: June 2017

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With a BSc in Surveying, a Diploma in Property Economics, a dad who was a builder and having renovated and extended several personal (and family relations) properties I am leaving a 19 year teaching career (Maths) and starting this building services company. I find solutions and you will deal direct with me. I have onsite experience and skills as well as technical and legal understanding of how to get things done.

Trade Categories

Bathroom Specialist/Fitter
Building Project Manager
Exterior Repair/Renovation
Flooring Specialist
Handyman (general maintenance)
Kitchen Specialist/Fitter
Landscaper / Fencing
Renewable Energy Specialist

Customer References


Limited Company

Registration number: 10832805

Public Liability Insurance

Insurer: AXA
Policy Number: 550102095
Value Insured to: £1,000,000.00

Job name: Radiators (water filled) in SE23

Customer name: Holden Frith

Overall rating given: * * * * *

Date Rated: 19/11/19

Feedback comment:

“Simple job done well with good communication”

Criteria rating(s) given: Accuracy of estimate (versus invoice) * * * * * Estimate quickly provided * * * * * Price * * * * *

Job name: Kitchen Worktop Installation in DA16

Customer name: Martin Smith

Overall rating given: * * * * *

Date Rated: 02/03/19

Feedback comment:

“I would highly recommend Simon, he has an eye for detail and is a good around builder. We had a few problems to overcome due to regulation changes, but Simon was always confident we could overcome them. As the job took much longer than expected Simon would always keep us informed on when and how long things would take. After all the problems we ended up with the job done to all very high standard. ”

Criteria rating(s) given: Experience and references * * * * *

Job name: Kitchen Tiling in DA17

Customer name: Valerie Parnell

Overall rating given: * * * * *

Date Rated: 06/01/19

Feedback comment:

“I had this company tile my kitchen yesterday. I am so pleased with the result. Simon was an absolute professional throughout. His work is of an excellent standard. He was politel, courteous and very friendly. I would have no hesitation recommending this company to family, friends or anyone else. I have other jobs that need doing and have asked him to carry out that work too Valerie”

Criteria rating(s) given: The quality of the finished job * * * * *

Job name: General Bathroom Work in SE13

Customer name: Tracy Part

Overall rating given: * * * * *

Date Rated: 10/07/18

Feedback comment:

“Good quality work and excellent communication to return for snags”

Criteria rating(s) given: Estimate quickly provided * * * * *

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