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KTM Electrical & Son

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Hi We are a friendly family run electrical contractors. We do all jobs small to big, domestic to commercial.
I have over 10 years' experience as an electrician and I am very proud of the level of customer service and high standard of work that I do, I am what people say " a perfectionist " I will never leave a job until it meets my high standards.
I will provide a completely free no obligation quote.

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KTM Electrical & Son 
Batley, West Yorkshire 
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Rewiring in BD6

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Steve Moran

“Mark very quick to reply, and helpful to my needs, as had been let down by another electrical contractor, he gave me a price and timetable for works & kept to them not a penny above his quote, I feel he did more than he quoted for. He finished the work on time and tidy. I will certainly use him again, and will defiantly recommend him. Great guy, many thanks Mark. Cheers Steve.”

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