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Telephone Engineering Install/Repair in EX16
Posted 10 July 2016
Job Description:
I have 2 home phone sockets, 1 is in the hallway which is my main adapter which works fine and well, and the second is in the main room which up till yesterday the 9th July was working fine and for what ever reason has decided not to work. It's not the home phones as tried moving them around and they work but when it is connected to the main room now there seems to be no dial tone or any ringing of any kind. I've managed to talk to my internet provider and they say it's something wrong with the internal wiring and try a local trade person as it will cost more for them to fix it. Thank you in advance.

- Customer type: an individual/homeowner
- Reason for requesting quotes: the work is required but may be dependent on the quotes
Services Required:
  • Electrician
Estimate required for:
  • Labour and materials
Success Criteria:
  • Experience and references
  • On time completion
  • Price
  • The quality of the finished job
Location: Tiverton
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Job Title
Telephone Engineering Install/Repair in EX16

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Kieren Chidgey

“I thought the guy knew what he was doing and was a fair price but after the talk talk engineer came out and re did everything and got it working I soon realised the guy here is a con. The issue I had was that my home phone and internet was not working he said he could fix it and claimed to fixed it and as soon as the exchange point was fixed it will be all up and running. The talk talk guy came and had to re-wire everything from my home nothing to do with exchange point what so ever. avoid him! REPLY FROM TRADESMAN: Hello Mr Chidgey, Thank you for your recent feedback on the FindaTrade site. I must say I find the ratings you gave my business a little insulting. You stated in your remarks that the Talk Talk engineer had to 're-do' everything that I had done. I can assure you Mr Chidgey, that the wires I took off of the back of your original socket were the same pair of wires that I terminated on the new Master socket I provided. In fact, I asked you to listen on my test telephone to the buzzing noise. It was not a dial tone as I would have expected to hear if your line was okay from the outside. I tried to explain that the fault was known as 'dis one leg' which means that one of the two wires outside in the cabinet was disconnected. Your broadband still worked because that needs only one wire to work, in order to get a dial tone both wires need to be connected. Clearly the Talk Talk engineer has gone to the external green cabinet and checked your wiring and rectified the problem before knocking at your door. If the fault was external they don't get paid so if he can repair the line before he calls on you he can blame your wiring and they get paid. As you will recall I also changed the faceplate on your extension and again checked the wiring between the master socket and the extension. I'm sorry that you find the need to express your anger towards me but when you consider the callout fee (£60) together with the cost of a new Master & extension faceplate (£10 each). I believe the price I quoted and which you agreed to, was fair. I'm afraid on this occasion, it was not me that was cheating you but the Talk Talk engineer. Regards, Martin Turley MT Telecom”

Company Rated:
MT Telecom
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