General Electrical/Wiring Work in SW11
Posted 11 April 2014
Job Description:
I need a tradesman familiar with laying plastic trunking for either electricity or network cabling to lay about 30m (total) of adhesive plastic trunking within a single floor flat. The trunking would need to be done inconspicuous and using a brand of plastic trunking that can be relatively easily removed as I may need to make good the flat when I move out, removing all the trunking. Something similar to this The trunking will run along the skirting board near floor level in the hall from the telephone socket / router for about 7-10m but then will need to traverse up and down two door frames and be broken out to enter 3 rooms and then traverse the skirting by the floor for variable lengths between 3-15m in each of the three rooms The trunking needs to be able to accommodate at least 4 flat cat 6e/7 cables of the sort shown here - I will provide the cables once we agree on length I need to be able to run 3x flat cat 6 network cables through the trunking from the switch by the router in the hallway to the lounge, which is on the opposite side of corridor This is why I mention about 30M in total length as the cables will need to traverse round the central passageway onto which all the rooms connect and the trunking will run along the corridor edges and up and across the kitchen door frame and the lounge door frame before entering the lounge to run about 15m along the skirting at floor level. I then need to take the second of the cables running from the switch by the router along the same path to the next room along from the lounge, the bedroom, where the cable will need to enter the bedroom itself to run about 7m along the skirting at floor level. I also need to run a fourth Cat 6 from the lounge switch to the bedroom switch in the same trunking The third network cable from the switch by the router will come out of the trunking at the kitchen door frame and enter the kitchen - about 3m in length into the kitchen I am flexible on time and dates and anticipate that for an experienced tradesman who arrives with the trunking this should take no more than a couple of hours. I may need to ask the tradesman to remove an existing set of wires badly stapled to the skirting before commencing the work - I say 'may' as I am hoping to get the letting agency to have their contractors do that work I would like to meet briefly with any prospective applicants and review the job as my approach may not be the best one - but please be aware that no drlling or penetrating intervening walls will be permitted by the landlord so the cables need to be trunked on the outside of the walls as described

- Customer type: an individual/homeowner
- Reason for requesting quotes: the work is required but may be dependent on the quotes
Services Required:
  • Electrician
Estimate required for:
  • Labour and materials
Success Criteria:
  • Experience and references
  • Quality of advice given
  • The quality of the finished job
Location: London
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