Why getting detailed quotes are essential for your next building or renovation project

Whether your next building or renovation project at home involves having a tradesperson tile your bathroom, or building a full-blown extension to your property, ensuring both you and your chosen tradesperson are clear on what’s needed is essential in making sure it’s successful.

Deciding to have work completed on your property is usually a big decision. It costs money and is quite likely to cause a homeowner some level of disruption and stress.

So, how can you maximise the chance of the project turning out exactly as you dreamt, minimise the risk of something going wrong and make sure that stress is kept at bay?

Detailed quotes can make all the difference to your home project.

A detailed quotation from your tradesperson does no€™t just mean getting a price and a summary of what i€™s being done, it should give you a clear understanding of exactly what i€™s included – and what is not – from your project. It also helps to set expectations for both you and your tradesperson during the project and reduces the chance of any disputes.


Why are detailed quotes essential for a successful project?

There are many benefits to making sure your project starts with a detailed quote, including:

  • You get what you want!
  • You know exactly what the cost will be – and what you’re getting or that price
  • You have a better chance of easily resolving disputes down the line.
  • You have a chance to check the professionalism of the tradesperson you’re looking to complete the work.

Let’s take a look at why…


A detailed quote means you’re sure you get everything you’re asking forPlans

After talking with your tradesperson about the work you want done, make sure that the finished result is detailed within the quote you choose accept.

Starting with a detailed quote which describes everything you’re getting within the project ensures you get what you want!

Tradesperson Hint: Providing a detailed, concise quote outlining the work you’re undertaking will make sure your customers are clear on exactly what to expect and will lead to happier customers.

A detailed quote = a clear cost

It’s important to know exactly what is included in the cost you’€™ve been quoted for your project. Insisting on a detailed quote at the start of a project will ensure there are no nasty financial surprises once you get started.

If there is a chance that your project might incur more expense, you should know where it might arise during the project and it should be made plain within your quote.

A detailed quote should give you a clear idea of exactly what your project will cost, and where you might need to expect to budget more.

Detailing the work save disputes once the project has started.

Detailing the work that is going to be undertaken gives both you and your tradesperson a clear understanding of what you’€™re expecting from the project.

It should mean that there is little or no chance for disputes arising once the project has started due to misunderstanding.

But it’s not all about what the tradesperson is expected to deliver; a quote that includes a payment schedule also informs you as the customer what is expected from you in terms of payment to complete the project.

Detail can build trust.


The fact that your chosen tradesperson has a willingness to create a detailed quote could speak volumes about the way they approach their work.

If they are prepared to produce a detailed quotation outlining what’s included and what work they’€™re carrying out, then there i€™s a much stronger chance of them taking the same care when it comes to actually completing the work.

Using the quotes you receive as part of an ‘interview’ process could serve to give you a great insight into the quality of the work they’ll be producing.

Tradesperson Hint: You have a great chance to start building a strong relationship with your potential customers when you quote, so make sure to build your customers’ trust by being clear and transparent with your paperwork from the start.


How can you make sure you get the detailed quote you need?

Here are our top 5 tips to getting better quotes for your next building project:

1. Ask your tradesperson!Purpose

If you don’t ask, you might not get! When you first discuss the project with a tradesperson, ask them what happens next and what you can expect.

Make it clear you would like a quote that details all of the important elements of the project and that is clear about what you can expect once it’€™s completed.

It’€™s probably also worth asking your tradesperson when you can expect your quote to be ready. This will also give you a good indication about how organised your tradesperson is before agreeing to expensive works.


2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

If you have any unanswered questions after reading through your new quote, make a note of what you want to ask the next time you speak with your tradesperson to make sure it get’s resolved.

If there’s anything you agree on changing/updating when you do speak, make sure it’s reflected in an updated quotation.

The quote you receive should leave you in no doubt as to what work will be carried out and when. If you’re not sure about a detail – ask the question!


3. Make sure that terms are clearly stated and explained.

The quote should not only contain detail of the work you’re having done; make sure that your quote includes clear terms that you understand.

Terms should tell you about what insurances and guarantees cover your project, what payments are expected, whether a cooling-off period is included, and if a sub-contractor might be completing some of the work.

It’s an important part of helping you understand where different responsibilities lie.

Also, as above, do no€™t be afraid to question anything within the quote or terms you a€™re not clear about. Terms and conditions should exist to protect both you and your tradesperson, so always be sure to read them through.


4. Make sure you’re clear on which costs are estimated.

Estimates might be provided when all or part of a job can’t be accurately priced before work commences.

This might be due to likely extra work that can’t be foreseen until work starts and problems show themselves.

It’s perfectly acceptable for your tradesperson to put in an estimated cost for the work you’re having completed, but you need to understand what might push up the cost of your project, and when you’ll find that out. Nobody wants to have a nasty surprise halfway through a project!

Ask your tradesperson to include details of any potential costs that might arise within your quote.


5. Understand your payment obligations.Payments

Ensure you understand the payment schedule your tradesperson is asking for and make sure it’s outlined within your quote.

Don’€™t disrupt the project by withholding payment, and make sure you’re happy with when you’€™ll be paying before the work starts.

Tradesperson Hint: Having a clear payment schedule included on your quotation can result in prompter payment and make it easier to raise the issue of next payments with your customers.


So, ask for a detailed quote for your next home building or renovation project.

Detailed quotes can save both homeowners and tradespeople time, energy and money.

Get on the same page and start your project with a detailed quote to ensure everything goes smoothly!


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  • Henry Muller
    Posted October 25, 2014 at 11:56 am | Permalink

    Good morning I need estimate latter how much will be cost scrape ceiling and plaster one wall and ceiling. Ceiling is approximately 20 meter square big and wall 10 meter square big. Thank you

    • FindaTrade
      Posted October 25, 2014 at 12:32 pm | Permalink

      Henry, to receive estimates from local plasterers please post your job here – provide as much details as possible and suitable tradespeople will be in touch to discuss the work.

      Kind regards

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