Wallpapers’ trends for this winter

With autumn now upon us, it is a good time to look at making some changes in your home. One of the simplest change which can really transform the ambience of a room is the use of wallpaper! Before choosing your desired effect, try and focus on trends and materials for this winter. Multicoloured, flowered, retro, graphic and country wallpapers constantly reinvent themselves. Here is an overview on the different wallpaper’s prints for this autumn.

Beware, fans of fantasy, the “trompe l’oeil” effect is one of the latest trends in wallpaper. It is characterized by the reproduction and imitation of material or decorations. The quirky atmosphere it exudes also gives character to the room. Finally, the real asset of this wallpaper is that it allows to cover up perfectly any defects of your wall. It reproduces bricks, knitted wool, lace, tiles, leather or braided effects. Feel free to have fun with these prints to give a specific atmosphere. Thus the brick effect will give you the feeling of a New York loft, the wood effect offers a mountain cabin look , and the knitting effect will remind you of Eastern Europe. Don’t be afraid to dare with these amazing effects. If fashion changes or your taste evolves, wallpaper is easy to remove and start again. The material effects bring an exotic touch to your interior, from a low key atmosphere to even being able to express your personality and humorous side. What can be fun, is combining different effects in order to bring a unique touch to your interior. The 3-d design has made its comeback in 2013. It is made even more realistic by also feeling true to the touch. These modern wallpapers brings out textures of wood, stone, bark and even leather. The feeling on the hand is absolutely staggering.

Source: http://www.flickr.com/ Source: http://www.flickr.com/

Flowery style wallpapers have been popular for many years and will provide an impression that every day a spring breeze blows throughout your room. They bring together different styles and trends, from impressive and colourful large print flower patterns, to delicately decorated paper with lilies, delicate stems and leaves. The vast array of flower styles (including English or Liberty styled flowers) means there is something for everyone and possible to find something which suits your needs. These floral designs bring peace and tranquility to a room and can even help improve your mood. Finally feel free to try the many varieties of flowers, like painted poppies, tulips, bamboo etc, even if these are simply used along borders in a bedroom or bathroom.

Source: thelatest.co.uk Source: thelatest.co.uk

The retro spirit is everywhere at the moment in our homes, furniture and decoration accessories. It is also popular at present to use on the walls, but what wallpaper is best for this? The most effective combine the use of bright colours, rounded shapes, graphic tiles, floral motifs and asymmetry to create the spirit of the 60s and 70s. These can be used to great effect to create an eye catching mural deco, without fully repeating old outdated designs. If you also combine this with second hand retro style furniture you really can make a strong statement and wonderful effect in your home. However, be careful not to use too many old pieces of furniture or decorations, otherwise you can just end up with a room looking too outdated. Getting the balance right can take careful planning and a keen eye for detail, but when done correctly, the results can be amazing.

Fauna and flora unite and arrive in your home for a real wind of freshness and a change of scenery. The decoration in a bucolic style: paper painted in pastel colours, branches, greenery and animals that make charm and poetry prevail. These wallpapers are sure to bring joy and romance to your decoration. You can recreate a natural and zen décor with bark, branches, leaves and flowers inside your home. The wild style effect this year comes with imitations of leopard skin or tiger stripe.
Everything in refinement and romanticism, these papers are fairly conventional and will make your rooms a haven of peace. The romantic style is made of a blend between realistic and bucolic print, often dominated by pink and decorated with flowers, curves and refined voluptuous lines. The romantic trend with its softness and elegance can charm many of your guests and visitors.


And finally for a touch of originality and design, choose the graphic wallpaper. Often coloured, with geometric or asymmetrical curves with a 70s inspiration when creativity was rich, this type of paper can give perspective and volume to a small, narrow room. Very design heavy, they will enliven your walls with a touch of colour and psychedelic curves.

Source:http://www.mybigtopics.com/ Source:http://www.mybigtopics.com/

Remember if you are planning to decorate your house with wallpaper you can always call in a professional.

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