Use of Home Automation to Help the Environment and your Life

The benefits of home automation are numerous: comfort, safety, ease…However, one of the biggest advantages which is often overlooked is from the considerable energy savings possible. Indeed, with CO2 footprints a now global concern we can no longer think about house construction without talking about its impact on the environment. Home automation allows you to monitor, regulate, reduce energy consumption and thus making savings on your utility bills. It’s not just about making your life easier and having the latest gadgets.

Home automation at the service of the environment

Automated Lighting

Automating the lighting in your home is one of the simplest and easiest places to start. Lighting automation allows to program when you want to switch lights on or off in a room, to create a different atmosphere or program when to switch off a night light in a child’s room. It also allows all of this from a touch of a button from your couch. Controlling lighting helps to reduce energy consumption in your home and avoid energy waste.

Automated Shutters and Blinds

A command is used to manage the opening and closing of shutters from a single point. No need to enter each room to close the shutters one by one! So you will be saving your time and energy. Similarly it can be used to open a gate or a garage door from a car. More generally, anything which is operated with a switch or a handle can be automated and controlled from by remote, computer or phone. It is even possible to do this remotely when you are many miles away from your home.

Automated Central Heating

Home automation in your home also allows to manage and adapt temperatures depending on seasons, times of the day, etc. For example, you do not want to unnecessarily heat your home during the day when you are out, just program the heating management based on your home arrival time. You can also set it to turn on heat in individual rooms, such as the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen ready for the morning. Heating automation offers optimal comfort in your home, for good living and good sleep.

Home automation at the service of the environment

Automated Security

Home security is often high on people’s minds, automation can protect your home and your belongings. Systems are available to detect and alert you even when not at home to gas leaks, water leaks, fire and forced entry. In addition to making your home safer, they can also give you piece of mind and help you to relax while away on holiday knowing your home is in good hands.

Automated Watering Systems

Using astronomical clocks, you can program watering times depending on the weather and time of sunset during the year. As well as turning on outdoor sprinkler systems to water your lawn and flowers they can even provide water to individual plants within your home.

A smartly designed and automated home gives comfort, safety, energy saving and is ready to adapt to the digital world; home automation solution also make everyday tasks simpler.

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