Patchwork tiles in your home

For an authentic flooring and an irresistible retro look, choose encaustic tiles. Created in the 19th century, these tiles are very sought after today in interior decoration. By mixing trends, you can add them to other styles for an eclectic and rich universe in your home. Its origin goes back to the end of the 19th century in Franceponds in Ardeche, near the first French cement factories.

The production of tiles at the time was mainly located in the south-east of France, they quickly conquered the palaces of Saint-Pétersbourg, the proud Gaudi buildings of Barcelona, the colonial villas in Asia, without forgetting the popular public buildings and dwellings. Decorative and robust, the concrete tiles quickly became popluar all over Europe. With the arrival of industrial glazed ceramics, these beautiful cement tiles got forgotten.

They are making a great comeback today thanks to their smooth design and their colours.These concrete tiles are manufactured by hand in Morocco and Vietnam. For the decorative side, by using a funnel, a mixture of marble powder, cement, sand and pigments is poured into a mould. To create the various design, a ‘divider’ made of brass is used. For the other side, the rest of the mould is filled with mortar to constitute the base of the tiles. The tile is then compacted and dried in the air for several weeks. In this article we look at various ways to use these tiles in your home and to help you come up with some ideas of your own.

In your bathroom

The most popular place for patchwork tile is bathroom. Here you can bring to life the most bizarre ideas of yours. Tiles can be used not only for walls and floor. By picking up the right size you may apply it to anything you want and slightly revive standard and boring pieces of interior. White tiles look clean but can give a cold and depressing look.Why not add a touch of colour by combining white and patchwork style tiles. It’s always a great idea in small spaces and why not be bold when you have to replace broken tiles and choose patchwork design?

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In your conservatory

Tiling is always an excellent choice for conservatories, it will light the style and give a sense of comfort.

Patchwork tiles in your home

In the kitchen

A backsplash with patchwork is of course the place to start; it will add originality.Choose cream colours like raspeberry or mint, beside a white sink it will give a superb look. Patchwork style tiles will adapt well to a country style kitchen giving it an authentic feeling.

Patchwork tiles in your home

In the hallway

The corridor always gives the first impression of your home. It’s the first thing you see when you open the main door. I think adding patchwork tiles in your hallway is a great way to set the décor. Particularly decorative, using patchwork tiles in your hallway gives it character without many efforts.

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In the fireplace

What better way to revitalise your chimney than adding rustic tiles with texture in order to make the hearth more interesting? By selecting tiles adapted to the style of your home, you will give a cohesive look but still timeless.

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It is possible to lay these concrete tiles outside, as it’s often the case in hot countries. However in our moderated regions, the ground might degrade because of bad weather, frost and get covered with moss which can have a particular charm.

patchwork outdoor

If a room has a weird shape, the patchwork tiling will give it a better impression than painting it. You can even cheat by using stickers. There are many colours combination and always think ‘more is better’ and be bold. However it is important to keep a balance. Start by choosing tiles of same sizes with complementary shades. If you are not sure whether this style is for you, start gently by adding a few tiles here and there, on shelves for example.

This trend is however not for the faint-hearted. Balance is also very important. If you want your patchwork tiles to have maximum appeal it is best to introduce it to a fresh space with an overly white backdrop. The trendy Scandi-type style would be the perfect match.

If you love the idea of having patchwork tiles in your home but don’t feel brave enough to commit to tiling a large area – start small. Apply it as a small backsplash in your guest loo, or intersperse it with plain white tiles for a more reserved style statement.

After the installation, you will need to apply a wax polish with a rag to make the tiles less porous, therefore less permeable.Tiles need to be cleaned regularly with a soft detergent.

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