Choosing a tap

Looking to upgrade a few taps in my house, I started wondering how it all started. In this article, I would like to share tips on choosing the right taps for your home. Its origin can be traced back to 1700 B.C. Of course, the Romans used taps to run baths. Today, we take it for granted that when the left tap of a two-handle tap is turned, hot water will appear. Indoor tap water first became available during the early 1800s, when kitchen hand pumps were used to draw water from outdoor sources such as wells and cisterns. Firstly, taps had two handles for hot and cold water until 1945 when Al Moen designed the single handle tap. Today, taps have become stylish and functional accessories.


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Decorating a student room

Decorating a student room in a halls of residence is always tricky. This time last year, my son started his first year at university and what made things even more complicated was that he was studying music and had guitars, keyboards, microphones and recording materials to arrange in this small space.  Students spend a lot of their time in this space where you can find a haven of peace free of stress and hopefully where you can study. Decorating your room can be a discouraging task but it can also be fun just like your first year at uni. Here are a few tips that will help you make your room your own for a year.

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Clean your home in an ecological way

A detailed ingredients list of domestic cleaning products is seldom indicated on packaging but unfortunately they are an important source of pollution. Cleaning your house without chemicals is of course possible with just a few recipes from your grandmother with natural tips and therefore environmentally friendly. Quite a few brands are offering bio products but often they are quite expensive. At FindaTrade, we care about the environment and we have looked into ways to clean your home in an ecological way without spending too much money.

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Ethnic look in your home

Are you looking for a new atmosphere for your home, something with a less static decoration, which does not remain neutral but instead brings your rooms to life?

Ethnic style decoration has become very popular as people travel to more diverse locations and wish to bring some of the styles they have seen in to their home .

This can be done with the use of vibrant colours as seen in India and the far east, or peace and sobriety from the African landscape, ethnic decoration is neither uniform nor monochrome. It is up to you then to choose what matches your mood most.

It is the typical style of those who want to travel in their everyday life without leaving their home, or to extend their stays in an exotic country once back.

In our article, we take you through different trends by locations: Africa, India and Asia but you should not forget the ethnic style influenced by colours or materials from Central and Latin America.

We also recommend you take a look at our article where you can find the interior design ideas of the top bloggers.

Hot and exotic colours

Warm red, orange and yellow colours are used in oriental style decorations, associated with black rooms with wrought-iron craft, they will bring a warm and welcoming side to the room.
If you wish to travel still a little farther like India, then you should favour more daring colours : warm colours are added to purple and pink with multicoloured buntings giving a joyful and lively aspect to your room.
The luminosity must not be put aside. The sun beams will refresh your day, and lamps and neon lights will bring comfort and brightness in the evening. Generally, the light always emphasizes colours.

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Keeping your home cool in the summer

  • During our last heat wave, the sales of small domestic air conditioners strongly increased. As summer is in full swing , air conditioner systems are one of the products most appreciated by everyone. Nevertheless, it seems important not to generalise the use of this equipment. Indeed, small air conditioners use refrigerants with HFC with a power of reheating 1300 times higher than that of the CO2 emission. Air conditioning increases energy consumption by 500 kWh about 10% of your electricity bill. So you have tried almost everything, ventilators, wet t-shirts, pocket sprays, ice, but nothing seems to work. This summer is becoming another hot one and your home is getting warmer. In our article, we give you some advice on how to keep your home cool this summer.


    By increasing the rotation speed of the air in the room, they favour heat exchanges between the body and the air in your room. They do not thus modify the temperature of the room but they contribute to give a sensation of freshness. Here is a technique which will also enable you to lose a few degrees: it’s enough to place a wet cloth, a bowl with fresh water or a couple of blocks of ice in front of the fan in the direction the air is blowing. The water evaporation will refresh and cool the air.
    Keeping your home cool in the summer


Checking a tradesperson

Finding a competent and trustworthy tradesperson to carry out work on your home can be a very difficult and stressful process. According to surveys, many people see it as more stressful than moving home or even having a baby! In this article we share valuable advice on checking a tradesperson before you choose who to hire, so that when the work begins you can feel calm and relaxed and look forward to the new changes to your home.

Checking a tradesperson


Growing vegetables without pesticides

Across the UK more and more people are turning to home grown fruit and vegetables, be it in their garden or at their local allotment. Many also want to stay clear of using pesticides but find smaller fruit and a lower yield often an issue without them. In our latest blog we will discuss growing vegetables without pesticides, giving tips and advice on how to become a seasoned green fingered grower.

There are many environment problems caused by pesticides. Weeding pesticides enter the water system and contributes to water pollution. Once the ground has been chemically treated, it is more fragile and it can lead to erosion. Once the ground has been left bare and compressed it can become asphyxiated when strong rains occur. Plant roots suffer; pesticides kill micro-organisms and worms which aerate the ground and help plants take up nutrients. Moreover, authorised pesticides for the garden are harmful to your health. Finally, the more pesticides you use, the more you support the production and transport of dangerous substances. From 2022, individuals will not have the right to use chemical pesticides in the garden any more; so why not get used to it and make your garden a lively place with a rich ecosystem capable of making its own immunity from diseases and garden pests?

To own a natural garden rich in diversity, you need and try to multiply the different circles…Pesticides find themselves everywhere: in our food, in rivers, in groundwater, in the air, in the soil, in dead and alive biomass. However it is possible to reduce and even totally stop the use of pesticides in our gardens and allotments.
Below we provide effective and green methods you can use to replace chemical pesticides.

Growing vegetables without pesticides

Your home insulation or how to act on thermal bridges?

A thermal bridge is an area of the house or flat where the energy escapes. It can be heat in winter… or coolness in summer. It is therefore a lack of insulation, which can result in an additional expenditure. The good news is, some of these defects can be corrected before the winter.

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Best Apps to help with your DIY projects

Your smartphone can be very useful when it comes to home renovation and might become your most powerful tool. There are over 300,000 apps in Apple’s App Store and another 250,000 in the Android market, so you might well find almost any tool, whether you want to paint a room, change a sink or hang a picture on a wall.

There are numerous apps aimed specifically at helping with DIY and home renovation; including spirit levels, measuring tools, plan design aids and costs management. FindaTrade has tested and reviewed some of the best sellers and in this post we have provided information on our favourite ones.


iHandy Level

From a plumb line to a spirit level, compass and ruler, IHandy includes 5 tools in 1. You can check how straight a wall is or the slope of a surface. This application also allows you to perform measurements with your smartphone. Before using it, make sure you calibrate level the tools and plumb line. A similar app worth mentioning is Ruler 2. It’s useful for hanging your pictures on the wall, angle measurements and even roof pitch calculations.

Availability: Apple and Android

Price: FREE

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Polished concrete for homes

Long reserved for industrial flooring, polished concrete floors are suitable for private homes too. It is the new trend in flooring. It is true that once waxed, the concrete floor becomes one of the key elements of the decor. Regardless of the room or where it is laid, polished concrete flooring replaces advantageously the traditional tile or parquet flooring by offering a broad palette of colours and several choices of finishes (matte, satin, gloss).

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