Make your home cosy for the winter!

The arrival of the cold weather reminds us how important it is to be comfortable in your home. Here are some small adjustments you can make to your decor to make this cold period a time to enjoy the comfort in your nest.

Of course, the sight of a fire burning in the hearth is synonymous with comfort and warmth on cold winter days. If you have a fireplace at home, take the opportunity to make a good log fire; however if you do not have a fireplace, it is now possible to get portable stoves to create the warm atmosphere you desire. This is the case, for example, with ethanol fires that use a very clean fuel without smoke or smell and require no vent.

Regardless of the size of your home, whether it’s an apartment or a house, it’s yours, where you can drop the mask, rest, relax and experience a total feeling of fulfilment.
Forget the dark sky, the weather: when you open the door to your home, you will feel good immediately because you have set up the decor that suits your personality. First let’s review a few points. Warm colours are not only red, yellow and orange but also purple and the rather dark parma and brown often associated with beige. It is best to avoid using only one of these colours except in small spaces.Red for example is too “aggressive”; it is more interesting to use these colours in harmony. Red mixed with yellow seems softer, the same with orange. Brown goes well with beige but is complemented when adorned with yellow, as is violet.


Another quite affordable idea: put cushions everywhere in your living room, office and in your bedrooms. Perhaps buy some faux fur cushions covers too. Used in small touches, faux fur does not appear kitsch, instead your cushions will look more mellow, be pleasant to touch and inviting to snuggle into. You can try faux tiger or zebra. The faux fur is almost a necessary addition for a winter decoration worthy of the name in your home. Also, put pretty throws on your chairs or your couch, matching the rest of your decor. If you feel a little cold while watching TV or relaxing (reading, knitting, crosswords etc.) you can wrap it round your shoulders.

If you like air fresheners, during the cold period replace citrus fruit or flower fragrances with warmer fragrances like cinnamon, cloves, sandalwood or vanilla. For a more natural alternative, get essential oils that you can use with diffusers. Add some throws made of faux fur and why not a wool rug. Regardless of textures and materials, choose those which are enveloping and make you want to surround yourself in comfort.

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In Autumn, as the days become shorter, we can feel deprived of sunshine and light. By then end of September, it gets dark early and gloom awaits us. When winter knocks at our doors, we can adjust our lighting. We need light, but beware: avoid harsh lights and instead consider the addition of extra lamps. Have a few more light sources which can be dimmed to create the right atmosphere. You can find coloured bulbs to soften and give a feeling of well-being, they are now available in the new power saving bulbs. You also have the possibility of using light garlands, nothing to do with Christmas but garlands,you can hang on a wall at any time. It will brighten your home. A change of lampshade can also be part of your decoration “makeover”. Always choose warm colours: yellow, orange… You lose nothing in brightness and you gain a snug atmosphere.

These small additions or changes are not very expensive but will give you a change in atmosphere that will make your home more inviting when it’s cold outside.

For the floor, you can add a carpet. There again, faux fur can do wonders but any thick carpet will add warmth. You can also use floor cushions. Footstools are fashionable again, especially pear shaped and even Ottomans on which you can lie!

In short, all of these relatively inexpensive accessories will make your home more comfortable and friendly.

Older thermostats are not as efficient as the more modern ones and can incur greater expense for heating. Do not hesitate to buy programmable thermostats which will enable you to adapt the heating of your room to suit your lifestyle. For example, when you are away at work, it is unnecessary to heat an empty house. Simply program your thermostat to maintain a low heat while you are out and to turn up the heat when you come back home.

More than ever, in the cold season, homes should be comfortable and enjoyable to avoid depression and improve your quality of life. Do not skimp on the comfort of your home and give yourself permission to enjoy it!

Written by Fiona

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