Love your kitchen, love your food

Love your kitchen, love your food. How a well planned kitchen can make cooking more enjoyable.

Healthy eating isn’t just to do with what you’re cooking. It’s also related to the layout of the kitchen. An easy, comfortable kitchen can provide an extra incentive to enjoy cooking healthy meals and inspire you to try new recipes. Cooking should be fun and the more love and positive energy that surrounds your food whilst it’s being prepared, the more nutritious it becomes.

Layout – A sensible and efficient layout is essential to cooking healthy meals with ease. The position of your cupboards and draws should affect the organisation within them. For example, the cupboard closest to the oven should hold your spices, herbs, oils, pots and pans and the closest draw should hold your cooking utensils for easy access when cooking. The cupboard closest to your kettle should include your tea, coffee, cups and mugs. Your blenders and juicers would sit well near your sink so you have easy access to clean them after use.

Counter-tops – Work surfaces should be used wisely. Keep appliances and utensils either in cupboards or against the wall so there is plenty of room to chop, grate, roll, marinate and stir. Keep these surfaces clean so when it’s time to cook your next meal the kitchen is ready and waiting for you to begin. There’s nothing like a clean kitchen to get you in the mood for cooking. Surfaces scattered with crumbs, cutlery or tea towels will affect your motivation to prepare food.

If you’re lucky enough to have a work/preparation island in your kitchen you have the pleasure of preparing your meals on this surface and using the other work tops for appliances.

Kitchen Condiments

Natural light
– If you have windows in your kitchen, ensure nothing obstructs the natural daylight. Sunlight in the kitchen means relying less on electric lighting, reducing your electricity bill and making you feel more energetic and alert. Window’s over the sink provide perfect natural lighting and brighten your mood when washing dishes!

Colours – In Feng Shui yellow colours are perfect for kitchen and dining areas as it’s an expression of the Fire element, an excellent to aid digestion. This bright, happy colour can come in many shades and can be displayed on your walls or/and on the furniture. Colour experts believe yellow increases appetite, self-esteem and strengthens overall health and well-being

No matter what size or shape your kitchen is, try to keep the layout as flexible, comfortable and clean as you can. Also, if you’re the main cook in the household and you have room for a comfortable chair, invite your partner or children to sit with you whilst you cook, increasing interaction and bonding.

My kitchen – Above the kettle and Nespresso machine sits my cups and mugs, coffee capsules and a wide variety of herbal teas. It also contains jars of grains, nuts and superfoods which I sprinkle over breakfast bowls. The metal rack near the oven holds salt and pepper, coconut oil for cooking and oil pulling and my herbal tonic and supplements so when making breakfast in the morning I’m reminded to take my daily dose. The top cupboard next to the oven holds spices, herbs, oils, plates and bowls. The corner cupboard holds pots and pans. My blender and juicer are close to the sink and I’m lucky enough to have plenty of natural light coming through the window.

About the Author:

Joanna Brown is a Sydney-based health coach and creator of Nutritional Love Health Coaching. She coaches busy professionals to lose weight and reduce stress by making healthy food and lifestyle choices and building a foundation of self-love and acceptance.



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