Keeping your home cool in the summer

  • During our last heat wave, the sales of small domestic air conditioners strongly increased. As summer is in full swing , air conditioner systems are one of the products most appreciated by everyone. Nevertheless, it seems important not to generalise the use of this equipment. Indeed, small air conditioners use refrigerants with HFC with a power of reheating 1300 times higher than that of the CO2 emission. Air conditioning increases energy consumption by 500 kWh about 10% of your electricity bill. So you have tried almost everything, ventilators, wet t-shirts, pocket sprays, ice, but nothing seems to work. This summer is becoming another hot one and your home is getting warmer. In our article, we give you some advice on how to keep your home cool this summer.


    By increasing the rotation speed of the air in the room, they favour heat exchanges between the body and the air in your room. They do not thus modify the temperature of the room but they contribute to give a sensation of freshness. Here is a technique which will also enable you to lose a few degrees: it’s enough to place a wet cloth, a bowl with fresh water or a couple of blocks of ice in front of the fan in the direction the air is blowing. The water evaporation will refresh and cool the air.
    Keeping your home cool in the summer


    They refresh the air by making it get through a wet filter. The drier the air, the more efficient they are. Consuming 10 times less energy than air conditioners, they are a lot cheaper. If you use a dehumidifier, do not forget to check the rate of humidity of the air. It must not have to exceed 80%. Beyond, this rate, the rate of hydrometry becomes comparable to that of the tropical regions.


    A good insulation of your roof will enable your home to remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you intend to do some work on the outside of your property why not invest in insulation from the outside?

    Most of the time, simple ideas will be enough to maintain a pleasant temperature in your house during summer months. Leave the windows opened at night when the temperature outside is the lowest.

    To benefit from the best possible aeration, open windows which are in different orientations to each other. If your home is on several floors, opening the windows at the top and bottom will help hot air escape. Limit, when it is possible, cooking for long periods, including running the oven and more generally the use of electric devices which release a lot of heat.

    Apply solar protection films to the windows, they are really effective if you wish to keep your house cool. Solar protection films present a real efficiency allowing a decrease of 50% of the solar contributions compared with a normal glazing. However by reducing the light coming in you may find the need to turn lights on a little earlier in the evenings.

    Windows let approximately 25% of heat into your home: so simply close the curtains and blinds during the day and open them at night. What do you do in the dark? Take example on our Southern neighbours, have a siesta!
    Keeping your home cool in the summer

    Green plants and trees

    We all know that plants are a barrier against heat. Install a tree in front of your bay window to protect you from the rays of the sun. choose a tree which loses its leaves in winter so that it creates shade in the summer and will let the sun go through in winter.

    A green roof is marvellous, but not cheap. Climbing plants on external walls are an option. They grow quickly and can reduce the temperature up to 7 °C in your house. However some exterior walls can deteriorate, like joints or pointing work.


    For those who can make expensive investments, why not invest in a Canadian well, a pipe system about 2m underground which sucks the fresh air of the basement to redistribute it in your home with vents. This system has also a reversible advantage, during winter, it will pump hot air into your home.

    Which techniques are you using to keep your home nice and cool this summer? It would be great to hear your tips, please let us know by posting a comment below.


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