How To Make The Most Of A Spare Room

A spare room can be a wonderful thing indeed for many couples, families and singletons alike, but if you don’t have any specific plans for it you could find yourself deeply pondering the options you have before you. Do you create your very own utopia for leisure and relaxation? Do you finally get round to organising the work-at-home headquarters you’ve been questioning? Here we take a closer look at some of the more commonly used routes for transforming your spare empty space into something both functional and practical.

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Guest Room

This, for a good few, seems to be the best option as it gives you the freedom to have family and friends over for longer stays, or even just a space to rent out as and when. As far as decorations are concerned the safest bet it to opt for colours that are very neutral such as beiges and very light pastel tones in order not to offend anyone’s tastes. Furnishings usually consist of a bed, a cupboard, a side table and a mirror, but this can be mixed and mashed to your own desires. One thing you could try out is opting for a futon over a solid bed frame to allow for more space to move around when needed.

Home Gym

More and more people have started investing in their own home workout equipment to help bulk them up and keep them trim for the winter. The amount you include in your set up will depend on the size of the room itself, but most rooms can fit at least one multi gym machine in the centre. You also need to remember to have some spare space for your stretches and the like, and space for a cool down area when your body’s had enough. It’s not only large machines you can use either as some people use their space for yoga, pilates and even dance practice.

Storage Area

Some people tend to hold onto their fair share of items and have nowhere to put it all. Many put the majority of it in sheds or lofts, but this can leave some items in particular exposed to things like dust, mould and the wrath of insects. Having a room that is designed to safely and securely stock your inventory not only ensures its longevity but also means it’s easier to reach when you want something. There are also plenty of strategic ways that you can create more space, simply by using what you have. The trick is to categorise what you have into logical piles, and to slot things into place like a puzzle to get the most out of it.

Games Room

When you’ve had a long day at work and want to kick back a bit there is nothing more exciting than having some fun in a games room. It’s good for anyone who works long hours or has a particularly labour intensive job, plus it’s a big hit with all the student types. Smaller rooms call for less toys as a general because of the standard sizing of the likes of pool tables and table tennis tables. If you’re lucky enough, however, to have a bountiful amount of room to mess with you can have all sorts of delights from an arcade booth or two to an indoor RC car circuit.

Kids Crèche

There are many parents out there who just want five minutes away from off the hassle of raising a child, and one thing that is helpful not only for mum and dad but also for the little ones is to have a special play room where they are free to explore and have fun. They can come in all sorts of colours and patterns to help engage your child’s sense of curiosity and attention to detail. One thing you’ll need to make sure of is that there isn’t anything in the room that the child could get injured from such as sharp corners or a hard floor.

Home Office

It’s all too common now for many workaholics to take their work home with them, but don’t want to upset the work-home balance by doing their job in the living room. A home office allows you to separate the two while never being too far away from your desk. Your office will vary depending on the type of work you do. For examples, those in the art business will have a drawing desk and plenty of craft supplies while someone who works as a manager or a CEO will need a computer desk with all their important documents close by. Most offices are designed in a professional looking style but you may wish to opt for something more personal to you.


You may find that you have some extra space in your loft or garage that could perhaps be attended to and shown some love and inspiration. It’s a great way to create more space without breaking down walls, and it’s not as expensive as many people think. Loft spaces are great for creating the likes of kid’s rooms and leisure spaces, and garages are an excellent space for home gyms. You can get a quote from your local conversions company to see whether or not your property can handle the changes and to get a rough estimate.
For more ideas on customising your spare space, and to see what others have done with theirs, why not have a look around online for galleries, articles and more.

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