How times have changed

Old fashioned plumber I can remember many years ago, when I was young, we moved from Bromley down to the South Coast. The house we moved to had an old antiquated bathroom, the sort where the pipes made noises when the taps were turned on. My Mother badgered my Father to get this sorted out and not being the most handy of men he eventually found a local plumber who came out and sorted the problem some weeks later. It turns out the plumber was the son of the local newsagents and Dad had asked in there if they knew of a decent plumber. It was a simple but effective way of finding a tradesman, problem is we had no idea whether he’d be any good.

Fast forward to today and I have recently moved to a new area with my own family.   In the new property my wife wanted a walk-in shower installed and the bathtub removed. This brought back my memories of my mother and father, only this time I didn’t stroll down to our local newsagents to enquire if they knew of a decent local plumber. In fact I didn’t do anything the wife took the initiative and went online to find a plumber. I had never thought of using the internet to find tradesmen before but once she had told me how easy it was it got me thinking how things have changed over the years. My wife and I both came to the view that society has changed so much whereas 30 years ago you would know  your local plumber/electrician/builder now it seems people are too busy to find out what is really going on in their communities and use the internet to solve the problems/needs of today.

When you come to think of it the internet is so widely used nowadays for just about anything I shouldn’t have been surprised at how easy and convenient the whole process was. Admittedly the plumber we chose ( from 3 who came to quote) did a sound job and we have kept his details in case we need him again.  Somehow I doubt any of our new neighbours will be contacting us anytime soon asking if we know of a decent plumber, I’m sure they’ll just jump online too. In fact I chatted to Stuart (the plumber) about this and he explained he has had to change the way he looks for work over the last few years.  As he put it ‘you’ve got to follow your customers, if they’re going online to find trades then that’s where I have to be too’.  He seemed pretty pleased this is how things had gone and I have to agree, finding a good tradesman is much easier nowadays.

by Paul

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