Give a new look to your front door

If the colour is expressed of course inside our home, it can also be expressed on the outside, and through the front door!

Indeed, it is the first thing we notice before entering inside a house, and it must therefore draw attention, whether it’s by its sobriety, or by its originality. In some cultures the colour you choose for your front door has a complex meaning.

Using colour on front doors is not often seen, and yet this allows to give a touch of personality while highlighting the outside of a house.

A flashy colour may be feasible but choose it well and make sure it fits perfectly with the walls, but also by being careful that other colours don’t clash.

Colour allows to make an entry worthy of the name.

White doors

Modern white front doors are a safe bet. Bright, they reflect the light of the sun and bring clarity.

However, a white door will show the dirt quicker. But with regular maintenance, it will give your outside a general impression of cleanliness.

Give a new look to your front door

Ideally, try to avoid the tone on tone. Better forget white doors If your wall is already painted in white. A white door will go perfectly with a stone wall. It will then bring that little touch of modernity which makes all the difference!


Classic doors

Do you like natural colours? Discrete and refined, beige, brown, black, taupe or grey colours will give your door a note of elegance.

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Tip: feel free to play on the material. A wooden doors will give, for example, a warm effect. Mahogany, oak, walnut, ebony, teak… every type of wood brings a lot of shades for a trendy effect ! Light wood or dark, grey or milled, choose a tint that will go best with your wall. For a more modern look, you can also choose materials such as glass, ceramic and even leather.

Colourful doors

Original and contemporary, colourful front doors are in tune with the times. Customized to your tastes, they will give your home a more welcoming atmosphere.

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Colourful front doors are ideal if your house walls are painted white.

Blue entrance door for a mediterranean atmosphere or lilac for a Provençal atmosphere… the colour allows you to create a personalised look.

Your walls are grey? A bright red door will be the most beautiful effect! And if your home is in red brick, do not hesitate to choose a door in shades of yellow or ochre.

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