Flat versus House

The question that often comes up when choosing a new place to live is: which is more suitable, a house or a flat? Beyond pricing differences, here are some of our thoughts on my a certain type of property may be more suitable for your needs.

Do you like peace and quiet?

In the majority of cases a house will provide a more quite and peaceful environment. In a flat you may have up to 4 adjoining neighbours – one either side and one above and below. Although a terraced house is still likely to have noise transfer through the walls this will be from a maximum of two neighbours. Walls between flats and apartments are often thinner and less insulated, you also have the issue of heavy footsteps overhead and no one likes having to hit their ceiling with a broom. Your outside space is also likely to be more secluded, where as flats with balconies often overlook one another.

Best for you: House

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Do you want to be able to personalise your home?

Although the interior of a home can be personalised through decorating, furniture and ornaments, to really personalise your home you may want to make larger scale changes. This is much more likely to be possible in a house than a flat. For starters, with most flats you do not own the building and are not able to make changes to shared walls and entrances. It is possible to change the layout of a flat with partition walls, but you will be very limited. There are so many architectural styles for a house that there is something for everyone; if you are using the service of an architect, you can give a unique outline to your home. For an apartment, it is more complicated…

Best for you: House

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You want to control your costs?

Here, we don’t speak of the price of the place but rather its maintenance costs. Prices of flats built in the city today do not have much to envy to the cost of a beautiful house on the urban outskirts or the countryside (but the taxes in cities are often far superior to that of the countryside). Especially for a four bedroom property. On the other hand, since an apartment is often part of a co-ownership trust managed by a syndicate of co-owners, the building will be well kept. Any major repairs to the building are often covered by the trust and can often include water utilities in this cost.

Best for you: Flat

Flat versus House source: http://www.digsdigs.com/

You have lots of DIY project ideas or a growing family

An apartment is fine, but as the family grows together with their desire for extra space, you have to rush to an estate agent to find a new place. With a house, you can convert the attic or extend into the garden to increase your space. Outside areas for children are also important and with a house the space will be larger and more secure.

Best for you: House

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You do not like DIY

In a house, it’s true, there is always something to do, to mend, to arrange. Especially in the garden. And we know some people have severe allergies to the lawn mower! With a flat, large areas of the property such as entrances, gardens and parking are communal and covered by the building management scheme. Unless on the top floor you are also less likely to suffer leaks or damages from storms.

Best for you: Flat

[Flat versus House Source: http://www.digsdigs.com/

Do you prefer the countryside?

The majority of flats are found in cities and busy urban areas where space is at a premium. Country houses are sometimes converted in to smaller apartments, but on the whole most homes are houses. On the contrary in town, you will more easily find an apartment than a home with a large plot – this is often due to high land prices and so building become high rise instead.

Best for you: House

Flat versus House Source: http://www.digsdigs.com/

Obviously, there is still a whole bunch of valid arguments in favour of one or the other. Nevertheless, one thing is certain: for 85% of the British, a house remains the ideal accommodation. This is furthered by the fact that many want a home designed to their needs, with 61.8% of people who would prefer to build their house rather than buy an existing property.

“And you, what do you think? Flat or House, which is best for you?”

Written by Nathalie

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