Ethnic look in your home

Are you looking for a new atmosphere for your home, something with a less static decoration, which does not remain neutral but instead brings your rooms to life?

Ethnic style decoration has become very popular as people travel to more diverse locations and wish to bring some of the styles they have seen in to their home .

This can be done with the use of vibrant colours as seen in India and the far east, or peace and sobriety from the African landscape, ethnic decoration is neither uniform nor monochrome. It is up to you then to choose what matches your mood most.

It is the typical style of those who want to travel in their everyday life without leaving their home, or to extend their stays in an exotic country once back.

In our article, we take you through different trends by locations: Africa, India and Asia but you should not forget the ethnic style influenced by colours or materials from Central and Latin America.

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Hot and exotic colours

Warm red, orange and yellow colours are used in oriental style decorations, associated with black rooms with wrought-iron craft, they will bring a warm and welcoming side to the room.
If you wish to travel still a little farther like India, then you should favour more daring colours : warm colours are added to purple and pink with multicoloured buntings giving a joyful and lively aspect to your room.
The luminosity must not be put aside. The sun beams will refresh your day, and lamps and neon lights will bring comfort and brightness in the evening. Generally, the light always emphasizes colours.

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Calmer ethnic decoration

For a simpler ethnic decoration remaining comfortable and esthetic, wood is the material to be favoured. It inspires peace and relaxation.
For a journey towards Africa, yellow and orangy colours will be associated with the savanna. To sink farther on the continent, black colours can complement these warm colours, or can be simply tuned with neutral colours, in particular white.
White or cream are indeed essential if the room decoration favours material like wood and reddish, brown decoration objects, which is very appropriate to natural tints of Africa. White walls will matched perfectly wooden furniture, black African masks, dark red gourds or coloured statuettes.

Ethnic look in your home

A trip to India

Between well-being and tradition, if you are in search of new horizons, India is the highest destination in colours. Fabrics range from intense colours to multicoloured stripes illuminating your interior and inspired by the Festival of Colours or Holî with a precise significance for each colour, green for harmony, orange for optimism, blue for vitality and red for joy and love.

Ethnic look in your home

Eastern style décor

Characterized by warm colours, the East inspired by Moroccan riads try to re-create this universe with ironwork and luminous colours. In a décor from the tales of the Arabian nights, colours and shapes mix together to bring out the best of Eastern decoration. The art of ironwork associated with blazing colours like orange, yellow, red and purple create a mysterious universe. Just let your mind travel in a wonderful swirl of mirrors, colours and dim lighting.

Ethnic look in your home

Ethnic African decoration

This atmosphere will remind you of the mysterious African savanna. Choose between a palette of brown such as timber, teak, colours like yellow, red and chocolate which will take you to warm grounds. Finally, African ethnic decoration will include tribal colours with geometrical shapes inspired from animals of the grasslands and plains.

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Ethnic South-American style

If you want your home to look like a place of festival, then you should consider the style of Brazil or Argentina. Accents are set on multicoloured walls and attractive ornaments. Large tables, flowers and green plants all give an impression that everything is animated around you. For a more luxurious décor, choose blue and greens colours. You will be able to add some ceramic, beaded lamps, brazilian maks and carpets to reciprocate green and sky blue colours.

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Stylish ethnic look

Mixing styles and trends, you can decorate with natural materials, recycled objects. It will bring some exoticism to your home with contemporary shapes, like Batick geometrical patterns inspired from Africa and Eastern Europe, a mixture of complex black and white printed fabrics.

Other common point of this ethnic style trend is the use of materials and fabrics with ethnic patterns, pillows on chairs and sofas but also on the ground, tartan rugs, and other objects of decorations such as boxes or lampshades. Clear or dark wood is a common denominator of the ethnic style like bamboo, teak, rosewood to name but a few, (careful as some wood essences are protected). Ethnic rhymes with ecological: objects and furniture are made in an environmental friendly way.

Hot atmosphere with a tropical style décor

Use tropical plants in your home like bougainvillea, palm tree and banana tree. A colonial style furniture will be perfect to bring exotic colours in your environment. Furniture must be manufactured with natural materials such as fibre, wood or bamboo. Think of small details like your furniture or wall patterns. Red represents passion and illustrates the tropical spirit perfectly.
Ideally, paint the living area red, like a bright red kitchen wall or living room. Match with orange and yellow as too much red can be hard on your eyes and avoid painting the kids’ bedroom red as it’s likely to prevent them from sleeping. Tropical objects remind us of the ocean. Think of beautiful shells placed on your mantel piece giving a feeling that you are on a beach even in winter.

So what is ethnic style décor? It can be a mixture of various trends or can adopt a chic sobre look but it definitely brings summer into your home and is a great universe to welcome your friends and family. How about you? Do you like experimenting with styles in your home. Do you think adding colours to the décor helps your mood? What tips do you have for us to bring different countries in your home décor?

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