Designing a stylish and spacious hallway

The hallway is a part of the house, but should it be regarded as a full-fledged living room? Often considered a simple square meters long where you cram a few decorative elements, a nicely organised hallway may yet give a strong value to your home. There are plenty of ideas available and many interior design websites to help you.

In our opinion, a hallway can be used as a genuine living area; it is the introduction to your home or flat and not just a space or a simple place of passage.
However, the constraint of the hallway is that it is often narrow and can be short in length too. Space, therefore, is not easy to develop and enhance. But don’t worry, it is possible to create an optical effect so that it appears wider and more spacious. Let’s bear in mind that a hallway is first and foremost practical; this however, should not prevent it from being warm and welcoming. So here at FindaTrade we have come up with some ideas to optimise this often overlooked space in your home.

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If your hallway is narrow, you need to organise the space and storage vertically. How to go about it? Opt for tall, narrow furniture and shelves which leave plenty of room for passage. As a general rule, you must respect a minimum of 80 cm wide for traffic in the hallway. If you want to add some storage space, opt for bookshelves or small consoles less than 20cm deep.

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If you want to add depth and give an impression of space you can separate your wall horizontally about 1m/1.5m from the ground and paint both sides in two different colours. Choose a light shade for the upper part of the wall and a shade darker for the bottom part. You can even add an horizontal border of colour between the two areas. The ceiling must remain white or a light colour for it to help with the illusion of space reducing. This tip should help you create an optical effect and give the impression that your hallway is longer.

To feel at home upon entering the hallway, you must take advantage of the light, be it natural or artificial. Our idea? You can create a lighted path through leds placed along the wall and in the floor. This helps draw people in and focus their eye line in towards the rest of the house.  The most common lighting fixtures in a hallway are the integrated spot lights which give good uniform illumination and prevent areas appearing dark and cold. Another good idea is to add original wall lamps between each door. Avoid large chandeliers because they overpower the space and can make it feel closed in and unpleasant. Several small light sources are nicer than large ones. If your hallways has a window, leave it bare without curtains or blinds, so to get as much natural light entering as possible.

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Put some fantasy in your hallway to liven up this area. Do not use stickers because of the lack of distance. Opt instead for wallpapers or patterns that will be visible in the general perspective of the hallway. Wide vertical stripes will expand the ceiling height and horizontal stripes will reveal a deeper corridor. They will give a classic or contemporary look according to your choice of colours. Large mirrors are also an excellent choice. They help reflect light to brighten the corridor and also create a sense of depth and space. However, make sure their frames are not to deep and protrude out, taking up space.

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Avoid carpet and parquet flooring if the area is very used. If the hallways leads to the bedrooms, choose a carpet with large loops which will give you a comfortable feel and are non-slippery when walking at night. If your hallway is fairly neutral, opt for an original rug that will protect your floor and give perspective. Finally tiles, laminates and vinyls are a good choice for this type of area as they reflect light..

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For other decoration, the hallway remains a rather small space. Therefore, keep it simple. Clear and matte colours are your best friends. Make good use of space such as under the stairs and behind the opened front door, but be careful not to over clutter. A few simple well paced pieces of furniture and ornaments and give off a sense of style without being overwhelming.

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