Decorate your teen’s bedroom

With the end of the winter, your teen might want to change the décor of their bedroom. If they don’t have too much homework at the weekend, I think it’s a great time to get them involved in a diy project .

Generally teens want to make some decisions for themselves and claim “their” freedom. Naturally, they want to express their personality. So if you want your teen to really like their bedroom, get them to expose their ideas, sit down with them and discuss what he likes and what they dislikes. Not only will you learn to know them better but it is also a golden opportunity to teach them how to mind map a project.

Start by looking for inspiration in magazines and online, visit diy stores (although that might be a difficult one) and get your teen to write down the style they prefer. By making a list of their hobbies and their favourite sports, you’ll have a better idea of the atmosphere they want to create and you can choose a theme that will be the basis for the decoration of their bedroom.


Strong and dark colours are often popular among teenagers, when it is not black they prefer (who has not ever dreamed of a room with black walls?). Midnight blue, purple, burgundy, grey can be a compromise. My son decided he wanted red walls, not a very relaxing colour so we painted one wall bright red and wallpapered the other walls with a subtle pattern.

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If your teen is good at art, why not have one bedroom wall where they can paint a mural, a tag or graffiti. A large roll of paper attached to the wall can also serve as a backdrop to the writings and drawings of your teen. He may well keep their works … and those of their friends. My son wanted to have a photo wall with pictures of his friends, pet dog and family, what a great idea!

Teen rooms serve various purposes. In addition to sleep, they study there, play games, listen to music or watch television, entertain friends there. The furniture should be placed in a way it defines separate areas: office area, reading area, sitting area, TV area.

But of course in a teenager’s room, the central element is … yes, the bed! Because teens undergo soaring growth, the mattress should be chosen carefully. Once you have chosen a space for the bed in the room, you can work out where to place the rest.

I would add cushions, throws on the bed to make it more comfortable when your teen is reading, listening to music or having friends visiting. Placing the bed, near a wall certainly helps to transform it into a sofa bed easily.

Always make space for a work area! Don’t give them any excuse not to study…A desk with plenty of storage place beside it so all their books are within their reach. I would advise you to acquire a comfortable office chair as sitting in a healthy position is essential.
Having a bright room is vital for good moods. So fit the desk if possible near a window, it will entice them to spend more time there, not forgetting to place a lamp.

Finally as teens’s personality changes with time, don’t spend too much on accessories.

Written by Nathalie

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