Decorate your home for Christmas

As I am a huge fan of the festive season (I love listening to Christmas songs and decorating my home ), I love all the rooms of my house to be filled with the magic of Christmas. This is why we have decorations everywhere; from the kitchen to the bathroom, the living room and the bedroom. Yes it sounds like a lot, but the rooms are still decorated with some moderation. There is nothing like decorating your home for Christmas to get you in the holiday spirit!

If you are like me, here are some wonderful decorating ideas so you can prepare your home for the most beautiful season of the year!

Decorate your kitchen

If you have a window over your sink, install a wreath or Christmas baubles suspended in front of it. This will be a key part of your decor and this will make you smile when you do the dishes ;). You can also dedicate part of your worktop to decorative accessories such as miniature trees and snowmen.

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Decorate your bathroom

This room is too often overlooked in my opinion and yet we go there quite often in a day! Without falling into excess, you can simply install a bowl filled with Christmas baubles, miniature fir or a pretty vase filled with decorations. A pretty poinsettia bouquet on the edge of the bathtub, towels in the colours of Christmas (red and green), potpourri and soaps with spices fragrances, a crown on the door or the window will add a magical atmosphere to the bathroom!
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Decorate your bedroom

One of my favourite rooms to decorate this time of the year is without doubt the bedroom. I love changing covers for Christmas, adding lights around the headboard and covering the bed with Christmas cushions. Have fun, this is your room!

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Decorate the children’s bedroom

It’s great also to decorate your kids’ bedroom and it’s so easy with a lighting chain, a large red bag, a small Christmas tree and a few gift boxes, your children will be more in the mood for the holidays!
Garlands are essential to your child’s room decoration. Alternatively, you can make them yourself with your children, who will enjoy them even more. Garlands can be made of paper, pinecones or beads.
Paper snowflakes are also a tradition in the decor for Christmas, and also very fun to make. You can teach your children how to make them, which will bring together the family in a nice and fun activity.
Kids love toys, so why not add statuettes to the Christmas decoration,it will not only strengthen the spirit of celebration but also make children happier. There are, for example, cuddly toys that you can make yourself if you know how to sew. If you buy your toys, make sure they are safe and contain no harmful products.

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Decorate your living room

The centrepiece of the Christmas season is without doubt the living room. It is here that we find the Christmas tree and the chimney. It is therefore essential to set up a Christmas tree and decorate it (obviously!). Then you can decorate your mantelpiece with baubles and garlands , and then get your most beautiful Christmas cushions and rugs to finally relax on the couch admiring your Christmas tree.

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Decorate your fireplace

Mantelpiece are sometimes synonymous with old houses, stone and ornated fireplace. And yet, modern style homes also have the right to a hearth. To dress up such a fireplace hearth, select also contemporary elements made of raw materials for a more rustic look. Christmas rope, metal lanterns and crown of natural branches create a sleek look but still warm.

The fireplace should definetely be decorated for Christmas! You can decorate it with flowers, wreaths, cones and candles. What better way to bring a sweet atmosphere of festivity in your house!

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Decorate your stairs

The staircase is easy to decorate: the setps, the bannister, the walls can be staged for Christmas. Use LED candles as you can install them anywhere. On the steps, place some glass candle holder , in which you have put a wax candle. Finally fix some baubles, a few holly leaves, ribbons, small sugar cane sticks, with small snowmen or father Christmas to your stairs.

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Decorate your front porch

What best way to welcome your guest but with an inviting porch? You can hang mistletoe and how about making your own garland, it’s really easy! Why not add a small Christmas tree?

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Decorate outdoors

The ideo to decorate the outside of your home for Christmas is to share with passers-by, neighbours and your guests the message of this celebration. Indeed, the magic of Christmas should take place both inside and outside. Adding some decorations outdoors help to create a festive atmosphere. You can hang lanterns and lights. The baubles and glittering garlands are great Christmas decorations. You can transform into a giant gift, add some red ribbons, bright baubles on trees’ branches.

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Finally I wish you much fun to decorate your interior with the people that are dear to you. Spend the day in pyjamas, listen to Christmas music and let the magic of the holidays begin!

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