Converting an old house into a modern space

Lack of storage areas, lack of space, or lack of brightness? Old homes are sometimes poor in space, with many corners becoming lost areas. Here are our 10 ideas to improve an old property:

1) Remove some partition walls

Remove a non-load bearing wall between a dining room or a kitchen and a lounge which allows you to create a large living area. Taking walls out allows to let natural light flow in and gives a feeling of space. Big spaces are very trendy as every member of the family can use it as they prefer for their comfort.


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2) Modernise your kitchen

A practical and functional kitchen is fundamental. Melamine and formica in traditional kitchens can sometimes be a hindrance to the modernity of the room, just like the rustic wooden cupboards.
You can then paint your walls, but also your cupboards, with modern colours.You can also change the panels of your kitchen cupboards for effects such as red or white lacquered .
You can also upgrade your worktop with wood or aluminum. If your worktop is laminate, you can repaint it with flashy colours to complement your walls .

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3) Consider an extension

If your old house is too small, you can gain some space by adding an extension. There are several solutions to extend. The first solution is to build onto the garden through a classic construction process: excavation, foundations, masonry. The second solution is to raise the house which is a complex operation since it is necessary to disassemble the frame. Make sure that your home will support this overload. It is then possible to consider a slightly different style for your home. You can add a wooden or metal extension to a house in stone or classic. Feel free to ask the opinion of several architects.

4) Convert your loft

Optimize the space in your attic by adding an extra room as a bedroom, game room or office. Converted lofts allow you to make the most of the potential charm of your old house. Indeed, beam or paneling will give character to your room under a sloping roof. In addition, these small or large spaces in the attic are real allies in terms of saving space. For example, you can install the dressing of your dreams that does not fit in your room. You can even build a pretty cosy bathroom.

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5) Improve the energy efficiency

Making improvements to a property’s energy efficiency rating could add more than £16,000 on average to the sale price of a property. Create your own energy by installing a wind turbine and solar panels. Insulate your loft. Install a new condensing boiler.Consider investing in cavity wall insulation and/or insulating your walls from the exterior.

6) Improve the character of your home

Some houses were built in the style of their region or their time with stonework, timber-frame or raw lime. We must preserve and highlight these treasures of architectural authenticity. You can then undertake work of restoration of traditional elements, in respect for the techniques of the past. Many craftsmen specialize in this area. But nothing prevents you to add your touch of modernity.

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7) Renew the flooring

If the tiles of the house are a bit old or the carpet is faded, you can modernize the flooring, thus giving a new look to a room. Pull out the old carpet or cover the tile with a contemporary coating. There are many models in all styles. You can opt for a concrete floor. There are also many coating PVC imitating tiles, parquet or concrete, which are easier to live. Finally, a laminate floor will give the most beautiful effect. Your choice will be based on the style of your room. But you can also keep the original flooring if it is a beautiful solid wood flooring or old tiles, which will give character to your home.

8) Restore the outside walls

If the outside of your home is damaged, the ideal is to restore it. To give a new look to a house unless the cost is excessive, you can simply repaint the doors, windows and shutters. Similarly, you can add a small pergola or add some block paving to your driveway. But you may not be able to make the renovation of the walls if it is very damaged because it is the aspect but also the state of the house which will suffer. Take this into consideration at the time of purchase. If you have good knowledge in masonry and scaffolding (that it is possible to rent) you can do this renovation yourself. You must then make an evaluation before starting work and choose between plastering and painting.

9) Give a second life to your chimney

Your home is equipped with a brick or plaster, rustic fireplace with a wooden beam or a stone surround. You can choose to replace it with a contemporary fireplace. If you find it elegant although a little rustic, you can choose a less expensive solution: the upgrade. A simple and aesthetic solution is to cover the hood with rendering. You can also cover the bricks with a flame resistant coating. If your fireplace is unusable or too messy to restore, you can install a nice classical or modern woodburning stove in the hearth of the fireplace. In addition, this will make you make nice savings on electricity bills.

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10) Put colour on your walls

One of the best way to give a new look to your home is to paint the walls with warm colours. Wallpaper or mural painting, whatever your choice, play on the range of colours. Feel free to play on contrasts, mixing, for example, fuchsia or turquoise with chocolate. Nothing is more trendy!
Sunny colours will give punch to a room with rather old architecture whereas pastel colours will create a retro and romantic atmosphere in a house with parquet flooring. Colours can also play on the volume of rooms with is sometimes problematic in traditional homes. Narrow room or low ceiling, the colours can compensate for these disadvantages by creating optical effects.

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