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Decorating a student room

Decorating a student room in a halls of residence is always tricky. This time last year, my son started his first year at university and what made things even more complicated was that he was studying music and had guitars, keyboards, microphones and recording materials to arrange in this small space.  Students spend a lot […]

Ethnic look in your home

Are you looking for a new atmosphere for your home, something with a less static decoration, which does not remain neutral but instead brings your rooms to life? Ethnic style decoration has become very popular as people travel to more diverse locations and wish to bring some of the styles they have seen in to […]

How to use painting effects

The term “paint effects” covers different products designed to give an appearance of traditional patina in the same idea of waxed plaster and lime from the Antiquity and Mediterranean countries. The principle is to apply, on white opaque paint a semi-transparent painting which covers the base coat irregularly and thus creates shades of colours. The […]

Give a new look to your front door

If the colour is expressed of course inside our home, it can also be expressed on the outside, and through the front door! Indeed, it is the first thing we notice before entering inside a house, and it must therefore draw attention, whether it’s by its sobriety, or by its originality. In some cultures the […]

Add green to your decor

St Patrick’s day is coming soon, so why not add a bit of green to your decor? Green also means spring and can be used in many ways. The colour of nature, green is versatile and timeless, it’s a great colour for decorating. Green has multiple personalities, from extremely warm shades to crisp and cold […]

Designing a stylish and spacious hallway

The hallway is a part of the house, but should it be regarded as a full-fledged living room? Often considered a simple square meters long where you cram a few decorative elements, a nicely organised hallway may yet give a strong value to your home. There are plenty of ideas available and many interior design […]

Wallpapers’ trends for this winter

With autumn now upon us, it is a good time to look at making some changes in your home. One of the simplest change which can really transform the ambience of a room is the use of wallpaper! Before choosing your desired effect, try and focus on trends and materials for this winter. Multicoloured, flowered, […]

Decorate your teen’s bedroom

With the end of the winter, your teen might want to change the décor of their bedroom. If they don’t have too much homework at the weekend, I think it’s a great time to get them involved in a diy project . Generally teens want to make some decisions for themselves and claim “their” freedom. […]