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Advice and information on how to manage your home renovation projects. Make sure your project goes to plan and the outcome is as you expected.

Why getting detailed quotes are essential for your next building or renovation project

Whether your next building or renovation project at home involves having a tradesperson tile your bathroom, or building a full-blown extension to your property, ensuring both you and your chosen tradesperson are clear on what’s needed is essential in making sure it’s successful. Deciding to have work completed on your property is usually a big […]

Why projects fail

Ten years ago I partnered with Reed Business International and designed what was potentially the biggest survey of its’ kind in the UK and possibly the World. We targeted project managers and asked them, in their experience, (not opinion) what were the biggest causes of projects failing that they had worked on. The survey was […]

You sometimes get what you ask for

I asked for a very famous film star with deep dark eyes…. I was expecting Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt and I ended up with Mickey Mouse……….. The trouble is I actually got what I asked for but not what I was expecting and yes you’re right, I didn’t really ask for a famous film […]