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Growing vegetables without pesticides

Across the UK more and more people are turning to home grown fruit and vegetables, be it in their garden or at their local allotment. Many also want to stay clear of using pesticides but find smaller fruit and a lower yield often an issue without them. In our latest blog we will discuss growing […]

Encourage wildlife in your garden

Our houses have been built where previously there were meadows and forests which were a refuge for wildlife as well as a source of food and water. Today, in many areas, there are too few habitats around cities for local animal species to live. Scientists have observed a decline of 40% in the number of […]

Creating an entertainment area in your garden

By creating a patio you can set up an area for relaxation which is also a long-term labour-saving addition to your garden. Hard surfaces don’t need much maintenance in comparison to looking after a lawn or flowerbeds but it’s important to choose the type of patio which suits you and your garden. You really have […]

How To Make Your Home Improvement Project Eco Friendly?

It’s a commonly accepted idea in modern society that we all need to do our utmost to protect the environment in everything we do. Whether it’s taking the bus once a week rather than driving your car or installing energy-efficient light bulbs, everyone needs to do their bit. This is also true for larger companies, […]

Is your garden ready for the summer?

It is around this time of year as the temperatures begin to warm and the days lengthen that we often start to look forward to spending more time in the garden.   However, as you gaze out of your window in to the wild wilderness left from the long winter it may seem like a […]