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Replacing windows

I won’t say I wasn’t warned about window salesmen but on the day when I foolishly booked an appointment with a national company, he stood out as pushy and horrendously pricey. They were pushy and made me feel uncomfortable. I disliked their sales pitch and I wonder how many people sign up just to get […]

Renovating a property

Renovating a property can feel like attempting to complete an assault course. It takes time, know how, determination and of course investment. When home owners want to design their renovation project and to carry out the work themselves, it’s even more difficult. However, renovating a house is also an opportunity to create a home to […]

Checking a tradesperson

Finding a competent and trustworthy tradesperson to carry out work on your home can be a very difficult and stressful process. According to surveys, many people see it as more stressful than moving home or even having a baby! In this article we share valuable advice on checking a tradesperson before you choose who to […]

Your home insulation or how to act on thermal bridges?

A thermal bridge is an area of the house or flat where the energy escapes. It can be heat in winter… or coolness in summer. It is therefore a lack of insulation, which can result in an additional expenditure. The good news is, some of these defects can be corrected before the winter. Source:

Best Apps to help with your DIY projects

Your smartphone can be very useful when it comes to home renovation and might become your most powerful tool. There are over 300,000 apps in Apple’s App Store and another 250,000 in the Android market, so you might well find almost any tool, whether you want to paint a room, change a sink or hang […]

Polished concrete for homes

Long reserved for industrial flooring, polished concrete floors are suitable for private homes too. It is the new trend in flooring. It is true that once waxed, the concrete floor becomes one of the key elements of the decor. Regardless of the room or where it is laid, polished concrete flooring replaces advantageously the traditional […]

Insulating your roof using Sarking

The use of warm flat roof insulation boards is a way of insulating your home from the exterior by reducing heat loss through the top of the building. This is known as Sarking, and is done by laying rigid insulation boards on top of the rafters and beneath the roof tiles. This is done as […]

What Are The Differences Between Orangeries And Conservatories?

If you want to create more space in your home while incorporating a stylish new addition to your home that will allow you to experiment with home interior décor, there is no better method of doing so than by including an orangery or conservatory onto your house. However, deciding which one of these structures you […]

Designing a stylish and spacious hallway

The hallway is a part of the house, but should it be regarded as a full-fledged living room? Often considered a simple square meters long where you cram a few decorative elements, a nicely organised hallway may yet give a strong value to your home. There are plenty of ideas available and many interior design […]

Converting an old house into a modern space

Lack of storage areas, lack of space, or lack of brightness? Old homes are sometimes poor in space, with many corners becoming lost areas. Here are our 10 ideas to improve an old property: 1) Remove some partition walls Remove a non-load bearing wall between a dining room or a kitchen and a lounge which […]