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What Are The Differences Between Orangeries And Conservatories?

If you want to create more space in your home while incorporating a stylish new addition to your home that will allow you to experiment with home interior décor, there is no better method of doing so than by including an orangery or conservatory onto your house. However, deciding which one of these structures you […]

Insulate your loft in a more sustainable fashion

The importance of Loft Insulation   In total, approximately 25% of the heat in an uninsulated home is lost out through the roof. Insulating it makes sense; it is relatively cheap to do and the energy savings on your gas bills are substantial – normally covering the cost of install in just 2 or 3 […]

How To Make The Most Of A Spare Room

A spare room can be a wonderful thing indeed for many couples, families and singletons alike, but if you don’t have any specific plans for it you could find yourself deeply pondering the options you have before you. Do you create your very own utopia for leisure and relaxation? Do you finally get round to […]

How To Make Your Home Improvement Project Eco Friendly?

It’s a commonly accepted idea in modern society that we all need to do our utmost to protect the environment in everything we do. Whether it’s taking the bus once a week rather than driving your car or installing energy-efficient light bulbs, everyone needs to do their bit. This is also true for larger companies, […]

Home Safety: Which Fire Extinguisher should you install?

Home Safety: Which Fire Extinguisher should you install?   Fires are described and classified by the type of material that is ablaze. Each fire extinguisher type is suitable for different fires, and every blaze must only be tackled using the appropriate fire extinguisher. Below is an outline of each fire extinguisher type and some suggestions […]

Four things you must know before carrying out a DIY bathroom renovation

In the current economic climate, everyone is looking to save a bit of money here and there. This is especially true when it comes to the appearance of our homes, the upgrading of which is usually considered a luxury rather than a necessity. As such, many homeowners are either choosing to forego renovations all together […]

The Power of Drain Jetting

Wanting to do DIY drain jetting? If a drain gets clogged, there are a large number of ways to go about dealing with it: acid, alkaline or enzymatic chemicals, drain augers or plumbers’ snakes, and more. Whilst all of these methods have their place, something more forceful may be necessary for a large blockage. That’s […]

Love your kitchen, love your food

Love your kitchen, love your food. How a well planned kitchen can make cooking more enjoyable. Healthy eating isn’t just to do with what you’re cooking. It’s also related to the layout of the kitchen. An easy, comfortable kitchen can provide an extra incentive to enjoy cooking healthy meals and inspire you to try new […]

5 Ways to Modernise your Existing Kitchen

Is your kitchen practical but just a little bit dull? Why not make the most of your existing kitchen and save some cash! Below are a few clever tricks that can resuscitate an exhausted, time worn kitchen whilst avoiding a five-figure bill. 1) Modernise the Kitchen Cabinet Doors One of the best ways to give […]

Guest Blog by: Go Greena Ltd

  Insulating your walls: Did you know that around one third of the heat-loss in your house could be through the walls? If they aren’t well insulated, you could quite literally be paying good money to heat the outside air. Houses built from the mid 1980’s onwards tend to have good insulation, but older homes […]