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Help and discussion on finding the right tradesman for your job

Checking a tradesperson

Finding a competent and trustworthy tradesperson to carry out work on your home can be a very difficult and stressful process. According to surveys, many people see it as more stressful than moving home or even having a baby! In this article we share valuable advice on checking a tradesperson before you choose who to […]

Wood Flooring – more than meets the eye

Of the many flooring solutions that suit residential and commercial properties, wood is often a serious contender when an old flooring solution is replaced. Many property owners who venture on the path of wood flooring without the professional help of an architect, interior designer or building contractor often find the sheer amount of options and […]

Could we benefit from a French style trade registration system?

Just type in the words SIRET or SIREN into Google and the word France after either and you’ll get lots of information about how tradespeople in France have to register their businesses and be given a specific code or number. You will see lots of information about how the French must jump through some considerable […]

Why are Britain’s tradesmen downing tools?

Britain appears to be facing a shortage of skilled tradesmen, especially with plumbers and bricklayers. New research from last month has revealed that trades are down by 7 per cent in this year alone.  Plumbing has been the worst hit with 25 per cent fewer people pursuing the trade now than four years ago, next […]

How times have changed

I can remember many years ago, when I was young, we moved from Bromley down to the South Coast. The house we moved to had an old antiquated bathroom, the sort where the pipes made noises when the taps were turned on. My Mother badgered my Father to get this sorted out and not being […]