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Choosing a wood burning stove for your home

The use of wood burning stoves has become very popular in recent times. This is partly because wood is fairly inexpensive but also because the use of wood as a fuel is seen as a renewable energy source. The release of CO2 gas from combustion is the same as released from wood which naturally broken […]

Advantages of an underground home

In the great race to save energy, those who choose to invest in underground homes might be one step ahead of everyone. It seems the hobbits may have been ahead of their time with their homes built in to the hillside. Underground housing (sometimes called earth sheltered housing) refers specifically to homes that have been […]

Replacing windows

I won’t say I wasn’t warned about window salesmen but on the day when I foolishly booked an appointment with a national company, he stood out as pushy and horrendously pricey. They were pushy and made me feel uncomfortable. I disliked their sales pitch and I wonder how many people sign up just to get […]

Clean your home in an ecological way

A detailed ingredients list of domestic cleaning products is seldom indicated on packaging but unfortunately they are an important source of pollution. Cleaning your house without chemicals is of course possible with just a few recipes from your grandmother with natural tips and therefore environmentally friendly. Quite a few brands are offering bio products but […]

Growing vegetables without pesticides

Across the UK more and more people are turning to home grown fruit and vegetables, be it in their garden or at their local allotment. Many also want to stay clear of using pesticides but find smaller fruit and a lower yield often an issue without them. In our latest blog we will discuss growing […]

Your home insulation or how to act on thermal bridges?

A thermal bridge is an area of the house or flat where the energy escapes. It can be heat in winter… or coolness in summer. It is therefore a lack of insulation, which can result in an additional expenditure. The good news is, some of these defects can be corrected before the winter. Source:

Use of Home Automation to Help the Environment and your Life

The benefits of home automation are numerous: comfort, safety, ease…However, one of the biggest advantages which is often overlooked is from the considerable energy savings possible. Indeed, with CO2 footprints a now global concern we can no longer think about house construction without talking about its impact on the environment. Home automation allows you to […]

Insulating your roof using Sarking

The use of warm flat roof insulation boards is a way of insulating your home from the exterior by reducing heat loss through the top of the building. This is known as Sarking, and is done by laying rigid insulation boards on top of the rafters and beneath the roof tiles. This is done as […]

Encourage wildlife in your garden

Our houses have been built where previously there were meadows and forests which were a refuge for wildlife as well as a source of food and water. Today, in many areas, there are too few habitats around cities for local animal species to live. Scientists have observed a decline of 40% in the number of […]


Imagine a perfectly insulated house, as if it was covered with a protective layer that keeps the cold out during the winter and  the heat out during the summer. A place where only minimal heating is required, but remains cool on those hot summer nights. This is known as a passive house or Passivhaus – […]