Carpet trends

Carpet popularity has been on the up in recent years. After many years of competition with laminate, carpet is now making a comeback as manufacturers are investing heavily in innovation, technology and design, working hard to make the carpet as attractive as possible for consumers.

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It is clear that today, people tend to use carpeted floors not only to keep warm in winter but also to bring colour into their rooms.

We were interested to find out whether your are for or against carpet in your home. Some do not like carpet because it’s not hygienic, it is filled with mites and cause many allergies. Others like carpet because carpets trap dust and it is easy to vacuum a room whereas on other floors, dust is in constant motion and is hard to trap.

Carpet trends

Carpet is a good option as it absorbs noise and gives a warm atmosphere to a room. Do you remember the feeling of walking on a nice and deep carpet? So you could have a carpet in a room where shoes are not allowed like the master bedroom. Carpet retains 10% of heat which would be lost on a hard flooring. Carpet is a flooring material which has been updated. There has been much progress regarding its appearance, texture and composition: wool, synthetic, patterns, colours and finishes, without forgetting the anti-stain and anti-allergic versions.

If you look at wool carpet today, there are so many colours on offer whereas a few years ago carpet staining was limited to 3 or 4 classic colours. People love the natural touch of wool and its humidity control.

The ecological value of carpet has also improved significantly as studies have shown that carpets contributes to a reduction in your heating bill. It provides additional insulation and keeps your feet warm. The current woollen carpets are also biodegradable. The ecological value of polypropylene and polyamide carpets has also improved. Today, they are recycled as an energy source to produce electricity.

Carpet trends

Carpet offers comfort and a gentle anti-stress, easy maintenance, a high quality sound and is environmentally friendly. Carpet is not old-fashioned – there is a lot of evidence to say that it is back on centre stage for many as a flooring choice in their home.

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