Can a conservatory help you get the best out of the British summer?

The summers in the UK over the last few years have been mediocre at best, so we’ve decided to see if building your own conservatory can really help make our summers that bit brighter.

A conservatory is one of the simplest home development projects to extend your property you can undertake, one of the biggest factors for this is the fact the in most cases planning permission is not required. However, for your conservatory to be legal it must pass the guidelines set out by the Governments Planning Portal which can be viewed here.  There are also plenty of other considerations to take in to account, one of the most important being the purpose of your conservatory. Is it to extend your living space or to extend your garden? You should also be very wary of temperature, many conservatories end up being rarely used because they are too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.  Making sure you have the necessary heating and ventilation to help regulate the temperature is a must, the last thing you want is a room costing £10,000 – £15,000 that nobody wants to use.

Modern style conservatory with large doors to let the garden in to your home. Image source: Channel 4 Modern style conservatory with large doors to let the garden in to your home. Image source: Channel 4

To extend your summer and bring the garden in to your home it is best to go for a conservatory with large windows which are left undressed so that as much light as possible enters the room.  Using natural materials such as stone tile flooring and rattan furniture along with indoor plants and even grow bags for tomatoes can really enhance that garden feeling. A high ceiling can also make a huge difference, not only giving a sense of space but also helping to prevent the room getting too hot and stuffy during the summer months.  Large double or sliding doors that open out the room to the outside can make all the difference and really help get the best out of your garden.

High ceiling, light and airy gable ended conservatory - Image source: Vivaldi Conservatories High ceiling, light and airy gable ended conservatory – Image source: Vivaldi Conservatories

It is important to choose a design that fits in with the rest of your property, the above two images are very different in style and would not suit the same house.  A final consideration is the direction the conservatory is facing to make sure you get the best out of the longer summer days.  If you have little choice with the direction, then take this in to account when choosing heating and ventilation.  North facing conservatories will be very cold during winter and not so hot in the summer whilst south facing conservatories will still warm up quickly on sunny winter days but can overheat in the summer during prolonged sun.

If done correctly a good conservatory really can help you get the best out of the British summer and in many instances even lengthen it. The most important thing is to take your time when deciding on the style, size, location and interior. Well thought out conservatories can often become the most favourite room in your house and best of all can even help add value to your property if you decide to sell.

by Andy


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    Conservatories are great for any home. I think they hold a special appeal because they are so different from every other room. I really like both styles shown here. The high ceiling is an effective way of making the room look bigger still.

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