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Interior Design Blogs and Websites: 15 of the best

The 15 Best Interior Design Blogs and Websites A house may be bricks, mortar, a roof and windows, but what makes it feel like a home is the unique stamp you put upon it. The design, layout, colour schemes, furniture and fittings are what really brings a home together. That said, the majority of us […]

10 common mistakes people make when renovating an older house

When it comes to renovating an older house there are many issues you are likely to face not normally associated with a newer build. This can range from updating out of date plumbing and electrics to bring them in line with modern regulations, to structural issues where the building has experienced movement and subsidence over […]

How to have an eco-friendly Christmas

Christmas is a day for everyone, with gifts, decorations and good food. However, we can waste a lot on this particular day and with a little imagination we can have a lot of fun and build beautiful memories while respecting the planet. In this article, we give you plenty of tricks to organise your day […]

Choosing a wood burning stove for your home

The use of wood burning stoves has become very popular in recent times. This is partly because wood is fairly inexpensive but also because the use of wood as a fuel is seen as a renewable energy source. The release of CO2 gas from combustion is the same as released from wood which naturally broken […]

Advantages of an underground home

In the great race to save energy, those who choose to invest in underground homes might be one step ahead of everyone. It seems the hobbits may have been ahead of their time with their homes built in to the hillside. Underground housing (sometimes called earth sheltered housing) refers specifically to homes that have been […]

How to create your own haunted house this halloween

Getting ready for a Halloween party this October? Let’s have a look at some cool and spooky decorations to transform your home! To celebrate Halloween this year, you have decided to go all out and transform your home in a den full of monstrous creatures. So you have the intention but how to make it […]

Why getting detailed quotes are essential for your next building or renovation project

Whether your next building or renovation project at home involves having a tradesperson tile your bathroom, or building a full-blown extension to your property, ensuring both you and your chosen tradesperson are clear on what’s needed is essential in making sure it’s successful. Deciding to have work completed on your property is usually a big […]

Patchwork tiles in your home

For an authentic flooring and an irresistible retro look, choose encaustic tiles. Created in the 19th century, these tiles are very sought after today in interior decoration. By mixing trends, you can add them to other styles for an eclectic and rich universe in your home. Its origin goes back to the end of the […]

Replacing windows

I won’t say I wasn’t warned about window salesmen but on the day when I foolishly booked an appointment with a national company, he stood out as pushy and horrendously pricey. They were pushy and made me feel uncomfortable. I disliked their sales pitch and I wonder how many people sign up just to get […]

Renovating a property

Renovating a property can feel like attempting to complete an assault course. It takes time, know how, determination and of course investment. When home owners want to design their renovation project and to carry out the work themselves, it’s even more difficult. However, renovating a house is also an opportunity to create a home to […]