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St Patrick’s day is coming soon, so why not add a bit of green to your decor? Green also means spring and can be used in many ways. The colour of nature, green is versatile and timeless, it’s a great colour for decorating.

Green has multiple personalities, from extremely warm shades to crisp and cold shades. It is interesting to know that the human eye can detect more shades of green than any other colour of the spectrum. Perhaps this is the reason for its popularity through the ages?

A ‘natural’ colour

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There are many shades of green: olive, aniseed, emerald, sage, bottle… Green is a colour directly linked to nature and all its shades, many and varied, and can be linked to daily and natural elements: plants, marine world, fruits or vegetables! This colour is a symbol of growth, life and harmony… This is why we consider green as a positive colour inspiring peace and conviviality.

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Green, a summery colour

To give a holiday and summer freshness spirit to your decor, nothing is better than a mix of several shades of green. Docile and lightweight, green allows for daring variations with ease! Opt for a ‘aniseed green’ paint on the kitchen walls: it will promote your creativity and give the room an uneven effect of cleanliness. For the garden, replace your traditional flower pots with green pots!
But think before painting green about the long winter evenings… You might become weary of this summery colour once the sun disappears.

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Green, a “retro” colour

Alternatively, if the main shades of green suggest vitality, freshness and nature, create a nostalgic “retro” atmosphere by opting for the pastel green, glass bottle and olive green. Shades appreciated for rooms requiring soft colours like bathrooms or bedrooms.

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Green for your office

Have you seen offices painted in green everywhere in companies which are dynamic and friendly? This is because green is considered a pacifying and stimulating colour, while conferring an “ecologic” spirit to everyone. To create a dynamic room, go for lime green or even electric green, if you’re not afraid of the “futuristic” look.

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Dark green

If clear and vivid green colours have many qualities, dark green is not very popular. It is a strong and dark colour to be handle with care inside a small area or a room lacking of light. Pine green is particularly appreciated for its elegance and originality: in a living room or a bedroom, it allows to set a very chic atmosphere, and you definitely need to mix light materials and bright colours in order not to smother the space: white, light grey, silver, glass…
Remember to add mirrors in a dark green room, they will expand the space while promoting the play on light. Take particular care of your lighting: locate subdued lighting for intimate evenings, but powerful light sources also to avoid make it into a gloomy room.

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Green and other colours

Mix light green and dark green, aniseed green and mint water green… for a natural sensation of freshness, everything is allowed! But what colours to add with green without clashing? Pink, red, purple, orange, yellow, blue… For a ‘cool’ effect all these bright colours work: you can find a balance. With the cream or grey, green becomes elegant and sober, while with white, it will bring a real effect of softness and relaxation to rooms such as the bathroom or the living room.

Add green to your decor Source: Pinterest

If you want to recreate a well balanced and cosy style, use a more monochromatic arrangement of green colours.
To recreate a bold and vibrant décor, forget the neutral and use the powerful eccentric lime green; energetic and almost digital, this modern shade livens up literally when used with high gloss and sleek furnishings. Add a touch of fuchsia, with icing raspberry in contrast, a bit of dark purple, and see the green arise!
Whether you like it vibrating or serene, green is a shade of choice which will find its place in many settings this spring.

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