2014 Decorating Trends

The colour trends for 2014 are gradually being unveiled. “It is not known what the future will be made of”, but here at FindaTrade we have been busy finding out the decorations trends for this year! There are two main styles prevalent: inspiration from ‘different countries’ and from ‘past time and space’. We will also be examining which colours to integrate in your home and tips to make your choice. Indeed, everything is a matter of choice, it will be essential for the atmosphere that you want in your home and therefore your well-being.

The Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style has been booming in recent years and becomes the must of the interior decoration. Its simple and elegant lines are warm and chic, a hard faced challenge! Northern countries have a relationship with raw nature which is a source of basic inspiration in Scandinavian decoration.

2014 decorating Trends Source: http://www.digsdigs.com/

The rule of the two W in the Nordic design, white and wood are ubiquitous. This simplicity therefore can be combined to a multitude of colours, to the delight of everyone. Wood was very popular ten years ago with a cosy mountains or countryside style atmosphere, but today it is used completely differently. It’s about the modern spirit and above all this material is left in its ‘raw’ state (natural and clear). White, symbol of purity, to give contrast to the room based on the other colours you choose. It may depict the snow, however, this is not to say it will make your home feel colder! On the contrary, white and wood will be the pioneer elements of a warm atmosphere. Scandinavian design is synonymous with convenience and space-saving! You will find ideas for storage sometimes congruous and very functional. The styled library shelf is a great example to add something attractive and functional in your living room. It can enhance your decor as well as provide valuable space to display your books and ornaments. Once again, the Nordic design is inspired by nature and it is also transcribed with animal designs! They are very present in the small home decor but be careful not to over do it otherwise it may make your home look more like a zoo!

Black ideas?

This year the colour to adopt with the wood and white, is black! Yes, from grey anthracite to deep black, this colour has seen an upsurge in its use. Used some years ago in a baroque spirit, with black and white photos of Marilyn or the Eiffel Tower, it has now made a comeback into our homes. It does not need to be viewed as sad or depressing, rather, when used carefully it will give a very chic and simple atmosphere. No fireworks, but a quiet and stylish atmosphere. Play with blacks and greys, start with the dark on a section of wall. If it is well thought, it will have an assured positive effect! Slate will be one of the objects to adopt in your home, as good in the kitchen as in the living room! Its colour is obviously very trendy. Opt for a real slate panel on the wall, and let your imagination flow: quotations, drawings, or sketches with a white chalk, this decoration idea allows you to fully customize your interior decoration.

2014 decorating trends Source: http://www.digsdigs.com/

50’s Comeback »:

The Fifties style gets updated. With ‘industrial’ notes, yesterday’s decoration becomes the decor of tomorrow. Choose orange, green, and mustard yellow, ideal with grey and white colours. As for prints, the fifties style is characterized by geometric, linear, optical effects, patterns etc. that you can trace on a cushion or a carpet. The advantage is that our grandparents furniture can still be found, just hunt around! The oldest furniture will give authenticity to your room. Finally, the design of the furniture manufactured 50 years ago is very close to that of today. Lights furniture: buffets or sideboards. These big long and heavy furniture are being revisited. The top 5 materials to mention are; brass, formica, plexiglas, walnut and lacquered. The alliance of metal and wood is the tendency to follow. The most characteristic fabric is tweed: it is classic but very chic, comes directly from the 1950s, and will be one of the elements to add to your lounge chair or a mat. The colour blue is one of our favourites and is a colour which evokes the idea of dreams and escape. This year it is the main colour to use in your home! Although it is also associated with the cold, blue has a huge variety of interesting shades (blue cyan, azure, sky, cobalt, indigo, navy, Egyptian or blue lapis ) and comes back in the same way in varied environments.

[2014 decorating trends Source: http://homemu.com/

In your home, blue can go anywhere. From bathroom, dining room, living room and even the kitchen!  Its impressive amount of shades fit all decoration styles. Furniture, linens, wall, fixtures, mirrors, rugs, accessories etc. Just be careful not to overdo it! If there is too much of everything you can end up with an overbearing visual disaster. The blue becomes the dominating colour regardless of the ambiance of your room, it can bring both sweetness and energy. Of course we must mix the blues. Don’t spend too much time trying to find the cushion that will match the same shade as your wall, or the picture frame the same blue as your carpet! Diversity enriches the room and gives it character.

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