Working with Tradespeople

Finding, selecting and working with a tradesperson can be a daunting task, especially on larger projects or if this is your first time hiring a tradesperson. Below are articles covering a wide range of topics with valuable information when it comes to working with a tradesperson.

What to look for in an estimate

The immediate concern most of us have when looking for a tradesperson is the cost – who’s the cheapest? Think on and ask yourself a few more questions. How long is the work expected to last? What could happen if the work is of poor quality?Estimates What if the job is not finished properly or incorrect?

The four circles of project management

The four circle solution for building project success

Practically everything we do that is worth doing well, has the following 4 elements and they are fundamental to success. When you are looking to undertake any large project, especially if it is something you have not done before using this method for your planning can be very powerful.