Replace a broken tile

Job description:

Although tiles are hard wearing, sometimes accidents happen while you are moving furniture for example and one or even a couple of tiles crack. If you are lucky to have some spares, it will save you time looking around DIY shops trying to find a matching tile(s) and you can replace a broken tile in no time.

Skill level: 3 – Advanced

Materials required:

  • Masking Tape
  • Tile scraper
  • Grout rake
  • Gloves and protective goggles
  • Chisel
  • Tile Adhesive
  • Spacers
  • Grout

Step by step guide to replace a  broken tile:

1. Mask the surrounding tiles with tape around the broken tile(s). This will avoid the tiles getting broken.

2. With a grout rake, scrape out the grout around the broken tile(s).

3. Stick some tape in the middle of the broken tiles and drill 3 to 4 holes in the centre so that the tiles break more easily. The tape is simply there to stop the drill bit from slipping.

4. Always wear gloves and goggles as chips can fly off and you don't want to cause an injury to your eyes. Start chipping and breaking up the tile(s) making sure you don't dislodge the surrounding tiles.

5. Once you have removed the tile(s), remove the adhesive so that the new tiles can sit flat, but make sure you don't damage the floor or the wall.

6. Once the tile adhesive has been removed, hoover the space carefully.

7. Using the ridged side of the tile scraper, smooth the adhesive around the hole, filling the edges and corners. If you are mixing your own adhesive, it should be the consistency of porridge.

8. Put the tile(s) into place aligning the edges with the surrounding tiles. Use the spacers to make sure the gap is uniform

9. Once the adhesive is dry, grout around the tile and clean the surface with a wet cloth and your repair will be invisible.

With ceramic tiles where the chips are very small, you can buy a repair kit.

The information provided in this guide is to be used strictly for guidance only. We recommend you always read the manufacturer's instructions.