Planning Permission

What is planning permission?
Planning is a form of control used in the UK to ensure that individual buildings and developments as well as changes made to an existing property's appearance is in line with local and national standards.Planning Permission National Government sets out the policy on planning and your local authority decides whether a planning application is approved or not based on guidelines they receive from National Government.
English Heritage are also a governing body that you may need to ask permission before commencing your project should you live in a Listed Building or are in a Conservation area.

Do I need planning permission for my project?
Not all changes you wish to make to your property needs consent from your local council there are government websites which can help guide you on whether your projects needs permission to carry out the work.
Should your project require planning consent then you will need to find out which local council covers your area. Every local council will have a planning department and contact details for these can be found on their own website. You and not the local authority is responsible for finding out if you need planning permission. Always err on the side of caution and check before starting your build/renovation that you need planning permission or not.

As a guideline you could be looking at up to 4 months or more from start to finish assuming everything goes according to plan.

Tips to help the process go smoothly
  • Consult your neighbours before starting the process to make sure there will be no objections from them.
  • Check that you do need planning permission first if in doubt ask the local authority planning department.
  • Submit the right forms (applications can be started on line) and ensure their accuracy
  • Remember you are dealing with people in the local authority so be polite
  • Do not try and rush the process through and accept that from the moment you submitted your application it can take up to 8 weeks.
  • Any requests from the planning department to make alterations to your original application should be done expediently as possible, unless you plan to appeal a decision.
The whole process is not daunting once you have navigated the Local Authority website and understood what documents and in what manner they need to be presented. A good builder or building project manager will also be able to help and advise if not take on most of the work required for you.

The information provided in this article is to be used strictly for guidance only. FindaTrade cannot accept liability for any of the information provided or any work carried out to your property using the information above. We recommend you always check the latest information provided on official websites for the most up to date rules and regulations.