Keep your gutterings as good as new

Job description:

Gutters provide an effective drainage of the water from the roof. A regular inspection at the beginning of each winter will allow you to avoid the formation of blockage. However, to keep your gutterings like new year after year, it is important to take several factors into account. If you want to know them, read the rest of this guide.

Skill level: 1 – Beginner

Materials required:

  • Ladder
  • Bucket
  • Trowel
  • Epoxy
  • Grills

Step by step guide to keeping your gutterings as good as new:

1. Inspect your gutters at the beginning of each winter, when the leaves fallen from the trees have accumulated.

2. If the branches of a leafy tree overhangs on the roof, put a filter at the end of the gutter that will prevent the leaves clogging the descent.

3. Regularly remove the debris from the tiles or slates as well as birds ' nests.

4. If you have noticed cracks in your gutter, seal them with epoxy. This will prevent your wall getting damp.

5. If you have noticed that one of your gutters is blocked, seal the hole down at the beginning .

6. With a bucket , collect the debris using a round or square trowel , depending on the shape of the gutter.

7. Wipe the inside of the gutter and throw a bucket of water from the upper section to get rid of the last debris.

8. If necessary, open and clean the drain.

9. In order to make your life easier, place small grills on all your gutters. This way, you can keep them like new.

The most important is to pay great attention to the small holes or even to small cracks in your gutter. As soon as you see an abnormal discharge of rain water, find where the leak originates and repair it immediately. It is the best way to keep your gutters in good condition.

If you are worried about yours gutterings, you might want to contact a local roofer.

The information provided in this guide is to be used strictly for guidance only. We recommend you always read the manufacturer's instructions.