Installing a rainwater collection system

Job description:

If you want to have water and energy, installing a rainwater collector is a solution that you can adopt. Simple and quick to install, it has become very popular and is useful for the watering of your garden as well as the cleaning of your car.

Skill level: 1 – Beginner

Materials required:

  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Hose
  • Tap
  • Plastic recipient

Step by step guide to installing a water collector:

1. Choose a flat surface to install a rainwater collector.To install a rainwater collector, choose the most stable possible surface. It must be close to a gutter and located North, to avoid the risk of ageing of the plastic tub.

2. Cut your gutter to install a rainwater collector. With a saw, cut the gutter to a height of 10cm so that it can be joined to the water collector.

3. Once you have cut the gutter, place the collector below usually a plastic recipient consisting of a filter and a connection.

4. Make a hole in the plastic water butt or recipient then connect it to a hose.

5. Place your rain water tank.

6. Make holes in the tank and place it before the hose slightly tilted downwards. Then put a mark on the tank to be able to drill and fasten the hose.

7. Place a tap on your rainwater collector.

8. Drill your tank a little lower in order to place a tap. Your rainwater collector is finally ready.

I would advise to place something heavy on the cover if your tank is in a windy spot. As for maintenance, nothing much to do: clean the filter every month to remove the leaves, the tank will remain clean inside.To increase the amount of water that you save, you can install two or more water butts, by using connector kits.