Inside a FindaTrade Profile

At FindaTrade it is very important to us that you feel completely confident when it comes to choosing and hiring a tradesperson. For all of our trades we provide a full and in depth profile to help give you as much information about each company as possible.  Knowing what to look for and where to look for it when reviewing a tradesperson you are thinking of using is not always easy. In this article we aim to help you do just that, by taking a look inside a FindaTrade profile in detail so that you know what to look for, check and verify before employing a tradesperson.

Company Overview

In this part of their profile, tradespeople have the opportunity to introduce their company, their views on the work they do, their company ethic, the services they offer and often a company image. Together with a list of their main activities, you will have access to their contact details and a map showing their location.


Checking their Public Liability Insurance

Tradespeople are not legally required to have a Public Liability (PL) insurance, however reputable companies will possess a valid and up-to-date insurance certificate. As things can go wrong sometimes (even with the most skilled tradesmen), you need to check whether they have their own liability cover for potential damage. On the FindaTrade trade's profile the insurance details are displayed in the 'Credentials' tab at the bottom of the profile. When you meet your tradesperson ask them to provide you with their insurance documents and make sure it is the original and not a copy.


Checking their qualifications, certifications and professional body memberships

Checking that a tradesman or builder is registered with a recognised industry body is a good way to make sure they are a skilled, legitimate professional. While this won’t guarantee that the builder or handyman will do a good job, it will help filter out people who don’t have the experience or skills to complete the job. Most industries bodies require members to provide evidence of training, references and PLI. Be sure to check any claims of membership with the relevant body to make sure they are legitimate and current. We have also included a section in the FindaTrade profile for tradespeople to display their trade accreditations. See below.


Gas and Electrical work

Part P

All fixed electrical installation work in dwellings has become a 'controlled service' under the Building Regulations. Unless the work is carried out by a Competent Person for Part P, it will have to be notified to the Local Building Control office – before work commences – in order that they may inspect the work during construction and upon completion. This will apply to all work carried out, professionally or as DIY, with the following exceptions:
  • where the proposed work is to be undertaken by a Competent Person for Part P authorised to self-certify
  • where the work is of a minor nature and is not in a kitchen or a special location.

Gas Safe Register

This is the official list of gas engineers who are registered to work safely and legally on boilers, cookers, fires and all other gas appliances. Members undergo regular inspections. Anyone dealing with gas should be registered with this Trade Association, which was formally known as CORGI. Anyone carrying out gas work must have a Gas Safe Register ID card. If not, they are breaking the law and putting you and your family at risk. Gas safety is one of the most important factors in having a safe home and work place. The dangers that surround unsafe gas appliances are deadly serious. Poorly maintained, faulty or badly installed gas work leads to carbon monoxide poisoning, the effects of which can be fatal.On the FindaTrade profile we have provided tradespeople with a specific section for these two qualifications. See below.


Check their references

We find that before you have even explained what you need doing, it is better to establish that you are looking for a tradesman who is experienced and can provide 3 or more references that can be contacted and come to visit you. Just asking for this will always weed out most of the cowboys. Good tradesmen leave customers feeling good and willing to praise them. Once you have your references, ensure that these people have had similar work to the work you want - the guy may be a good decorator, but a lousy gardener.

Call the names and numbers you are given (get three or more or you just will end up just talking to a friend of theirs or a member of their family who will or course sing their praises) and always go and have a good look at their handy work.

Don't be embarrassed! You don't know each other yet, and good tradesmen are always happy to be asked to give references - they enjoy it!!! Why wouldn't a good tradesman want to be asked about the other work he's done? No reason.
Checking on three or four tradesmen with each of them giving three or four refs over the phone should only take three or four hours at most.

If the tradesman is local, the refs should be too, so it will be a short trip across town to view his/her handywork. For the sake of a few hours over a week, you can save yourself a great deal of time, money and stress and secure a really good tradesperson that you can use and recommend for years to come. It's got to be worth it! On the FindaTrade trade's profile the insurance details are displayed in the 'Credentials' tab at the bottom of the profile. When you meet your tradesperson ask them to provide you with their insurance documents and make sure it is the original and not a copy.


FindaTrade Ratings and Feedback Comments

Once a tradesperson has promised to contact you, we send you the link to their profile page. You can find their ratings from previous customers. Only homeowners who have found their tradesperson through FindaTrade can leave ratings. This section shows an average of all ratings for this tradesperson/company . The rating criteria are as follows:
  • Accuracy of estimate (versus invoice)
  • Price
  • Estimate quickly provided
  • Quality of advice given
  • Experience and references
  • Regularly informed of progress
  • On time completion
  • Respect for property
  • Qualifications and insurances
  • The quality of the finished job

Customers are able to give an overall rating for the tradesperson as well as rate on individual criteria they chose when posting their job (see the image below for a list of the criteria available). These criteria are also provided to the tradesperson so they understand what is important to the homeowner and can tailor their quote accordingly.


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