Home Improvement and DIY

Step by step guides provided by our tradespeople and other professionals on how to undertake projects around your property. Including all the materials you need as well as insider tips on how to get great results with minimal hassle.

Unblocking a sink

A blocked sink is easily spotted: the water doesn't drain easily and a puddle of water can stagnate at the bottom of the sink.

Replace a broken tile

Although tiles are hard wearing, sometimes accidents happen while you are moving furniture for example and one or even a couple of tiles crack.

Repoint a brick wall

With the natural action of the weather,walls suffer erosion which loosen the mortar. Your wall will then not be watertight and will need re-pointing.

Painting and Decorating

Painting a room

Painting a room is a job many people like to undertake themselves. However, to get a professional finish there are certain steps which should be followed including good preparation of the walls and and woodwork (skirting boards, dado rails, picture rails etc).

Re-stained Decking

Caring for your decking

Job description: After many years of being exposed to the elements garden decking can start to look tired and dirty. The wood starts to go grey and crack as it is damaged by UV rays from the sun. Moss and other plant life starts to grow on top or sprout up through the cracks.