Home Improvement and DIY

Step by step guides provided by our tradespeople and other professionals on how to undertake projects around your property. Including all the materials you need as well as insider tips on how to get great results with minimal hassle.

Keep your gutterings as good as new

Gutters provide an effective drainage of the water from the roof. A regular inspection at the beginning of each winter will allow you to avoid the formation of blockage.

Decorate your home

You have just moved into a new house and you need to purchase everything? Above all, do not panic at the greatness of the work involved. And do not lose sight of the essential

Installing a wall-hung toilet

In our modern world, wall-hung toilets have become a must. They takes less space, they are more aesthetic.The installation is fairly easy as long as you follow the steps

Fitting a granite worktop

Fitting yourself a granite worktop is tricky, as professionals have sophisticated lifting equipment. With some guidance, it becomes possible and allows savings.

Insulate your loft

Insulating your loft has never been so important. It is an effective way to save energy and money. The recommended minimum thickness of 270mm can cut your heating cost by 15%. Lagging pipes at the same time can add even more savings.