Home Improvement and DIY

Step by step guides provided by our tradespeople and other professionals on how to undertake projects around your property. Including all the materials you need as well as insider tips on how to get great results with minimal hassle.

Fitting a new door handle

A door handle is a decorative element in its own right. It is also the first contact we have when entering the room

Building a wall shelf

Very useful, wall shelves offer many possibilities for storage. Inexpensive, they are simple to make and you don't need much time or specific tools.

Laying a carpet

The carpet is a floor covering that ensures comfort and simplicity to a room. In addition, it reduces noises and it is therefore often used in bedrooms.

Replacing a tap washer

Over time, the taps tend to drip. Generally, this problem comes from a deterioration of a rubber valve ensuring the closure of the tap. The solution in this case is simple: just change the washer.

Installing a rainwater collection system

If you want to have water and energy, installing a rainwater collector is a solution that you can adopt. Simple and quick to install, it has become very popular and is useful for the watering of your garden as well as the cleaning of your car.