Home Improvement and DIY

Step by step guides provided by our tradespeople and other professionals on how to undertake projects around your property. Including all the materials you need as well as insider tips on how to get great results with minimal hassle.

Weatherproofing your door

If you run your hand around the edge of your closed door and feel a cool draft, your weatherstripping is probably worn, cracked or deformed.Install a weatherstripping kit with a foam rim and stop energy-wasting air leaks around entry doors .

Installing a heat pump

More than two-thirds of properties are regarded as over-consumming energy. The heating budget represents the largest share of British households energy bill (almost 70%). There is a loss of calories caused by the use of aging equipment or energy from expensive fossil (oil, gas, electricity...)

Bleeding a radiator

Bleeding a radiator is a task easy to achieve, but which should not be neglected. An overflow of air is harmful, because it causes unpleasant noises in the radiators and can block the flow of water.

Fitting a dado rail

In the Georgian period it was fashionable to leave the dining room chairs against the walls away from the table and so a wooden dado rail or chair rail became fashionable to protect the walls from knocks.

Building a glass block wall

A glass block wall is perfect for creating an interior or exterior wall, without the need to call a professional. The glass block wall creates a partition while letting the light is its greatest advantage .