Home Improvement and DIY

Step by step guides provided by our tradespeople and other professionals on how to undertake projects around your property. Including all the materials you need as well as insider tips on how to get great results with minimal hassle.

Installing a pet door

When you have to keep on letting your dog or cat in and out of the house it can be annoying.

Installing a satellite dish

Installing a satellite dish

So you have splashed out on a new television and you want to make some savings by installing the satellite TV yourself.

Installing a thermostatic valve

Gain comfort by replacing your ordinary radiator valve with a thermostatic valve. Cut your energy bills by 10% by installing thermostatic valves which will help you regulate the tempreature of each room.TRVs should be set at a level that gives you the room temperature you want.

Avoid frozen pipes

A leak or a burst pipe can cause a lot of damage to a property especially if they go unnoticed for a while when you are away.

Converting your basement

Some basement in houses can be very large and allow all possibilities of development: living room, home cinema, games room.