Fitting a granite worktop

Job description:

Fitting yourself a granite worktop is tricky, as professionals have sophisticated lifting equipment. With some guidance, it becomes possible and allows savings. In this guide, we will explain how to fit a worktop and give useful tips.

Skill level: 2 – Intermediate

Materials required:

  • Lift truck type (rented in store)
  • Grinder with circular diamond blades
  • Sanding disks
  • Drill
  • Silicone gun and cartridges
  • Spirit level
  • Solid sawhorse or a workbench
  • Worktop cut to size
  • Metal brackets
  • Screws of 15 mm diameter

Step by step guide to fitting your granite worktop:

1. Clean the wood support, or built-in furniture to receive the granite worktop and check flatness with the spirit level.

2. Determine the location of the sink.

3. Using the truck, put the worktop on a bench or solid trestles.

4. Cutting the place of the sink with the grinder, by adding 5 mm to the exact measurements.

5. Gently lift the part of the worktop to be fitted around the sink, place it on the wood support, or built-in furniture.

6. Put brackets under the worktop to prevent it to slip.

7. Drill through the granite up to 15 mm and screw the worktop.

8. Fit the sink and fit the tap.

9. Connecting the valve to the cold water pipe, and hot water. Run the water and check for leaks.

10. Using the cartridge gun, put a bead of silicone around the sink. Smooth the silicone seal with a finger dipped in soapy water.

11. Fit other items according to the layout of the kitchen, always placing them with great care with the truck.Secure with the remaining brackets.

12. Once the worktop is in place break sharp edges by sanding with the sanding discs, to avoid leaving sharp edges.Once done, apply silicone around the joints of the worktop. Put silicone along the walls adjoining the worktop to prevent water or dust from entering.

To make your worktop shine, rub it with a cloth soaked in olive oil.

Unless you are good at DIY, you might want to contact a local insulation tradesman.

The information provided in this guide is to be used strictly for guidance only. We recommend you always read the manufacturer's instructions.