Decorate your home

Job description:

You have just moved into a new house and you need to purchase everything? Above all, do not panic at the greatness of the work involved. And do not lose sight of the essential, follow these tips to decorate your home with common sense and faultless taste.

Skill level: 1 – Beginner

Step by step guide to decorating your home:

1. Simply start by looking online to get an idea of what's new in terms of decoration before deciding for a style that you will enjoy every day.

2. Keep magazine pictures that have caught your eye, anything you could imagine in your new home.

3.Think about which furniture would suit your lifestyle best. If you often have guests, it would be nice to have a dining room; or if you enjoy lazing about, why not furnish an area with a rocking chair?

4. Make a detailed plan of each room (with measurements).

5.If you are creative, you could always find old furniture and repaint them, adapt them to your rooms. Charity shops are fantastic places to discover some old curtains that you can make into cushions' covers or throws.

6. For the colour scheme, choose neutral tones which will always stay in fashion; it's not easy and cheap to have to re-paint the walls of your house often so make sure you will not get bored of the colours. You can always then adapt the curtains, vases and cushions to the new fashionable colour. However, accessories like cushions and curtains can be changed with the seasons.

7. When you choose fabrics, make sure they are practical and obviously that will depend on your lifestyle. If you have children for example, you might not want to buy a cream colour sofa.

8.Talking about sofa, it's worth having a decent budget as you will probably keep it for a long time.

7. Start buying furniture you need immediately and take time to think about the other pieces of furniture you might need.

If you are unsure about the job, you might want to contact a local interior designer.

The information provided in this guide is to be used strictly for guidance only. We recommend you always read the manufacturer's instructions.