How to make your own eco-friendly paint

Make your own eco-friendly paint

From prehistoric times, paint is one of the oldest synthetic substances known.For more than 35 000 years ago, paint has been made by prehistoric man as they mixed clays and chalks with animal fats and used these paints to depict their hunts on cave walls

Fitting a dado rail

In the Georgian period it was fashionable to leave the dining room chairs against the walls away from the table and so a wooden dado rail or chair rail became fashionable to protect the walls from knocks.

Repairing a cracked ceiling

Ceilings, like walls, tend over time to crack and the paint to flake. Before repainting them, you need to put them back in good condition.

Decorate your home

You have just moved into a new house and you need to purchase everything? Above all, do not panic at the greatness of the work involved. And do not lose sight of the essential

Painting and Decorating

Painting a room

Painting a room is a job many people like to undertake themselves. However, to get a professional finish there are certain steps which should be followed including good preparation of the walls and and woodwork (skirting boards, dado rails, picture rails etc).