Caring for your decking

Job description:

After many years of being exposed to the elements garden decking can start to look tired and dirty. The wood starts to go grey and crack as it is damaged by UV rays from the sun. Moss and other plant life starts to grow on top or sprout up through the cracks. Cleaning your decking thoroughly with a pressure washer and then re-staining the wood to brighten up and preserve it can make a huge difference to how it looks. If done correctly it can often make the area look as if new again.

Skill level: 1 – beginner

Materials required:
  • Broom
  • Pressure washer
  • Decking cleaner
  • Hoover
  • Decking stain
  • Decking roller
  • Paint brush
  • Knee saver pads

Step by step guide to caring for your garden decking:

1. First sweep the decking to remove as much debris as possible

2. Use the pressure washer slowly to blast away the years of dirt, moss, algae and any remaining original decking stain

3. Use decking cleaner to remove any remaining contaminants, such as dust, grease, oil, mildew and algae

4. Leave to completely dry

5. Sweep with a broom again as thoroughly as possible

6. If required use the hoover to completely remove any remaining dirt and grit along the grooves of the decking

7. Using the roller and paint brush for the edges apply the new stain working along the grain. Apply liberally to ensure even penetration and complete coverage and treat all sides of the wood to provide maximum protection.

8. Leave to dry for 2 - 3 hours

9. Repeat 2 - 3 times or until satisfied with finish

Care and Maintenance:

Your decking can be cleaned using decking cleaner and reviver as and when needed. Inspect the coating on an annual basis and re-coat if necessary. Make sure the decking does not pool or collect water which sits on it for long periods of time. If this occurs you may need to raise and re-set the joists so that water is able to run off.

If you are thinking of undertaking this work please make sure you are fully aware of all that is involved and the time it takes.  If you are unsure we always recommend you use a professional tradesman, to find a local decking specialist post your job here.

The information provided in this guide is to be used strictly for guidance only. We recommend you always read the manufacturer's instructions.