Building Regulations

What are Building Regulations?

Not all changes you wish to make to your property need consent from your local council there are government websites which can help guide you on whether your projects needs permission to carry out the work.

building permit

Who to contact?

You should get in touch with your local authority building control or an approved inspector for Building Control.

What is building work?

These types of project amount to 'building work':

- Extension of a building including loft conversion or garage conversions.

- A project changing temporarily or permanently the compliance of the building as regards as structure, fire or access to and use of the buildings is concerned.

- Underpinning the foundations of the building.

-Changing the use of the building's such as converting a house into flats.

-Changing the drainage system such as installing a new toilet under a stair for example.

- Renewing a thermal element of the building (roof, external walls or floors).


How do I submit my building regulations application?

You can submit a full plan application. Yourself or your architect submit an application with plans together with full details of the work together with any relevant structural calculations. Application forms are available from your local authority’s website to either print off or complete online. Once the plans have been checked and meet the building regulations you will receive a formal decision known as an “approval notice”. (This approval notice may be important when seeking loans or moving home).

You can submit a building notice, generally for minor works such as removal of an internal load-bearing wall, where the builder is familiar with current building regulations. You can normally go ahead with the work after 48 hours of submitting your application and no approval notice will be issued. It can’t be used when the works will involve building over or within three metres of a public sewer. When submitting a building notice, you have to be sure that the work will comply with the building regulations as when the work is inspected, there is a risk that you have to rectify this at your own expense.

When the work starts, an inspector will be checking the building at key stages to ensure the work meets the building regulations and to enable the builder to ask any questions.


Completion of work

When the work is finished you must arrange for a building control surveyor to visit for a last inspection. A completion certificate can then be issued. You should keep this document safe as you will need it should you decide to sell or re-mortgage your property in the future. It is also recommended to get your completion certificate before making the final payment to your builder.


Building Control Charges

Since 1st April 1999, building control charges are set by each local authority. For building work and loft conversions, the charge is based on the cost of that particular work.For work like extensions there is a set charge.There may also be additional charges if extra inspections or other work are required.

The information provided in this article is to be used strictly for guidance only. FindaTrade cannot accept liability for any of the information provided or any work carried out to your property using the information above. We recommend you always check the latest information provided on official websites for the most up to date rules and regulations.