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Inside a FindaTrade Profile

Are you looking for a trustworthy local tradesperson? AT FindaTrade we will help you find a competent company so you feel more confident bringing in a new tradesman in your own home.

Renewable energies

Renewable energies

Renewable energy is energy from any source that is naturally replenished or replaced, once it is used. Phrases like 'renewables', 'green energy', 'microgeneration' or 'sustainable energy' are often used.

The Federation of Master Builders

Becoming a member of a professional organisation will assist a tradersperson to obtain advice in managing his business and help to defend the interest of his trade.

How to make your own eco-friendly paint

Make your own eco-friendly paint

From prehistoric times, paint is one of the oldest synthetic substances known.For more than 35 000 years ago, paint has been made by prehistoric man as they mixed clays and chalks with animal fats and used these paints to depict their hunts on cave walls

Getting rid of a tree stump

Getting rid of a tree stump

A tree on your property which is ill or has died needs cutting. Then you are left with the stump in the middle of the garden.